Zero Motorcycles Opens First Exclusive Dealership in North America

Zero Motorcycles Opens First Exclusive Dealership in North America

When you think of an electric motorcycle, especially in the United States, Zero Motorcycles is often the first to come to mind. They are not the only electric motorcycle company, but they are one of the best known for their multiple models of electric and suburban two-wheel drive.

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The electric motorcycle company in Santa Cruz, Calif., Has sold its various electric motorcycles since 2006 to various motorcycle stores that serve as Zero authorized dealers. And their dealership network is impressive, with dealerships literally all over the world, including places far away from Turkey to Nicaragua via Israel and Thailand.

Zero Motorcycles Opens First Exclusive Dealership in North America

But the only thing they have not had is their own exclusive franchise in North America, until now. Or in fact, until next Saturday.

Zero Motorcycles announced that on June 23, it will open its brand new exclusive dealership in Orange County, California, a suitable location given its vast motorcycle culture.

Please call Zero Motorcycles of Orange County at (714) 978-4487 to schedule your demo ride at the grand opening.

WHEN:          10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 23, 2018

WHERE:        Zero Motorcycles of Orange County

534 W. Katella Ave.

Orange, CA 92867

(714) 978-4487


  • Demo rides from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Complimentary lunch following demo ride
  • Raffle prizes with a drawing each hour

After the famous move by Tesla, the new exclusive Zero dealer could represent a shift to future company-owned dealerships.

According to Zero, their CEO, Sam Paschel, will be on hand to demonstrate Zero’s range of electric motorcycles and answer questions from the public about their 2018 lineup. The current model range includes a range of bike bikes Zero SR and S (street) to their more versatile bikes Zero DSR and DS (dual sport).

In addition to the bike show, Zero will offer rides, which could be your chance to jump on an electric motorcycle.

According to the press release of the company:

“Join us for the inauguration of the first Zero Motorcycles dealer in North America.
With demo tours available from 10am to 4pm, raffle prizes and a lunch, it’s going to be an exciting party. Please call to schedule a demonstration tour: (714) 978-4487

Locations are limited and will fill up before the event. To ensure your demonstration tour, we recommend that you make a reservation online or by phone. ”

The new dealership opens at a time when Zero seems to be targeting a more personalized marketing and demo. Yesterday marked the beginning of a Zero Electric Motorcycle Tour with eight stops across the UK.

The goal, as described by Zero’s UK director, Dale Robinson, is to introduce electric motorcycles more closely to the public:

“Riding a Zero is a pretty trying experience, so we decided to take out our bikes and give them the opportunity to try one for themselves.Many people have preconceived ideas about electric motorcycles, but I do not have never met someone who does not come back from a test trip with a smile on their face There is no hard sell, just an opportunity for runners to ask any questions they can have, take one to take a ride and make their own opinion about electric motorcycles. ”

One of the main selling points for electric motorcycles is the driving experience – often described as both easier and more exciting than conventional gas bikes. The instantly available torque throughout the rev range and the lack of transmission make electric motorcycles an increasingly popular choice for younger new drivers.

Even larger, more established motorcycle companies, such as Harley Davidson, are using the benefits of electric motorcycles to openly target a younger market of new cyclists.

But the most difficult part of selling electric motorcycles is simply to get people to try them out to take advantage of these benefits.

With a growing push for exclusive dealerships as well as a focus on rides and motorcycle tours, Zero is clearly moving towards a more personalized sales experience that it retains control over.

It works well for Tesla, so Zero can be on the right track.

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