Yamaha Tricity 300 Price, Specs, and Details

On the Urban Mobility front, the new Yamaha Tricity 300 represents a technological and functional solution, starting from the presence of 3 wheels and evaluating an optimized weight, in addition to a refined appearance.

Aesthetics and characteristics

There are aesthetic features that refer to the Yamaha Max Sport Scooters and also some references to Niken, considering the peculiar Yamaha Leaning Multi Wheel ( LMW ) technology and the three wheels. In evidence a compact front that anticipates a certain agility and liveliness, also highlighted by the 14-inch wheels with extra-large 120 mm tires .

One of the lightest specimens of the respective segment, bearing in mind a light frame and also a weight distribution with the rider in the saddle of 50:50 . Interesting factor like the refined steering geometry to support changes of direction. The new Yamaha Tricity 300it has larger diameter disc brakes and the Unified Braking System and ABS systems . The underseat compartment is also large, illuminated by an LED light in which you can store two full-face helmets or a full-face helmet and a type A-4 case. LCD instrumentation, parking brake, a Smart Key ignition system and Traction Control System are also standard , following the instructions.

Among the aspects highlighted also a Standing Assist system, being able to maintain a standing position when stationary. By pressing the throttle grip again, the Standing Assist it disengages automatically, offering support in keeping the Tricity vehicle upright during stops, also facilitating positioning on the central stand, as suggested.

Engine and dynamism

The heart of the Tricity 300 is a 4-stroke and 4-valve 300 cc SOHC single-cylinder Blue Core engine, with a design similar to the engine on the XMAX 300 Sport Scooter. The model can also be driven by holders of a B license (over 21 years of age, according to the regulations in force in Italy), recalling the Yamaha Leaning Multi Wheel ( LMW ) technology designed with a lively, agile and stable driving style, thanks to the support of two front wheels that facilitate front-wheel drive and consistent power braking.

Accessory Packages

The range of Original Accessories and the collection of garments are constantly evolving, citing a series of new products including slip-on mufflers, the catalytic converter and the comfort saddle. Each item in the Accessory Packages can be purchased separately.
Tastes are different, like lifestyles and needs. Three new accessory packages linked to the Tricity 300 with selected elements are worth mentioning:
Sports Pack which includes a sports windshield, license plate holder and aluminum footboards, which enhance its sporty appearance and dynamic qualities;
Winter Pack with thermal blanket, handwarmers and hand guards considering use throughout the year;
Urban Pack including high windshield, luggage rack and 39 liter top box.

Tints and price

Proposed in the Nimbus Gray , Tech Kamo and Gunmetal Gray color variants , the new Tricity 300 is available from July 2020 at the price of 7,999 euro fc , as reported.

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