Yamaha 'Rough Road' Tricity Concept, the emergency vehicle

Yamaha ‘Rough Road’ Tricity Concept, the emergency vehicle

The Japanese brand has presented at Riscon Tokyo 2021 a concept of a three-wheeled motorcycle designed to move in emergencies. An off-road version of the Yamaha Tricity, but prepared for extreme situations.

Yamaha 'Rough Road' Tricity Concept, the emergency vehicle

Japan is a country where earthquakes are not unusual. On the contrary, it is a country whose cities are built with earthworks in mind. Precisely for this reason, the Japanese Yamaha  has presented at the Riscon Tokyo 2021 a model of a three-wheeled motorcycle designed for those emergency situations.

The bright orange paint already indicates that the motorcycle may not be for the road or to move around on a normal day. It is a painting that quickly brings emergency vehicles to mind. But beyond aesthetic issues, we find a metal plate for the underbody, headlight protectors, spacious and metal-reinforced luggage racks, handlebar protections … Anyway, a good number of additions so that this bike can help in a situation of emergency.

It is important to note that we are talking about a scooter , that is, a very accessible vehicle that does not need a special permit. This is key for extreme situations. The ‘ Rough Road’ Tricity Concept could go places where a car would have it much more difficult in an emergency situation, not only because of the extras we have listed, but also because it is a smaller, lighter and more manageable vehicle.

As we have pointed out, it is still a version of the 2021 Yamaha Tricity but with off-road characteristics . Although for now it is still a concept presented at a safety fair, Yamaha’s proposal is very interesting and it is possible that it will end up becoming an essential vehicle for emergency teams in Japan.

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