Yamaha Introduces R3 and R1 Special Edition at EICMA

The EICMA two-wheeler exhibition event in Milan , Italy, officially began on Monday (5/11/2018). The biggest motorcycle exhibition in Europe presents the latest motorbikes.

Yamaha one of them carries special products for its R1 and R3 sport motorcycles which in Indonesia become R25. This special edition sportmotorbike uses products from Yamaha GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing), which are sold exclusively for use on the racing circuit.

Yamaha R3 GYTR was introduced directly by the WSSP300 from Indonesia,Galang Hendra . This motorbike produced at the Yamaha factory in Pulo Gadung comes with an additional Ohlins suspension, titanium Akrapovic exhaust and a complete package of GYTR made to meet the WSSP 300 standard in 2019.

From the appearance it doesn’t change too much. Still using the typical blue color of Yamaha, the display fairing R3 is more simple with a blend of white and blue.

On the Yamaha R1 GYTR motorbike , the display looks different from the exterior. The use of Yamaha R1’s 20-year celebration livery is red and white, as used when winning the Suzuki race 8 Hours ago.

The GYTR R1 is equipped with several special devices such as replacing the ECU and CCU parts that analyze the data in the way it is concerned and the presence of the quick action throttle feature . This motorbike also gets Ohlins FGRT 219 suspension in front and TTX36 GP in the rear and Akrapovic titanium exhaust.

For potential customers, Yamaha also opens orders for optional spare parts not offered in standard GYTR variants. This choice of parts will be given by Yamaha mechanics.

Consumers can also do a dyno test to get maximum results. In addition, the owner of this special R1 will be invited to experience the sensation of the 2019 Yamaha Racing Experience where consumers will be taught how to get the maximum experience of driving a savage R1.

Unfortunately for those who want the GYTR R1, they must hurry to order. This motorbike is only sold for 20 units worldwide.

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