World premiere: The new Genesis G90 – competitor to the S-Class, 7 Series and A8!

World premiere: The new Genesis G90 – S-Class, 7 Series and A8 Competitor !

World premiere from Genesis. After a preview held at the end of November, the Koreans chose mid-December to reveal in all the details its new flagship model, the top of the range – the G90!

Compared to the previous generation, the number of changes and novelties is significantly high, all of which now position the car more confidently in a higher league. In the market will compete with models such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, etc.

Although the German models would be more attractive in terms of design and technologies, Genesis’s bet will be mainly on price, already knowing that this brand offers premium cars for smaller amounts than those demanded by competitors.

World premiere: The new Genesis G90 – competitor to the S-Class, 7 Series and A8!

Key features:

  • It can be ordered with a short or long wheelbase ( 190 mm). It measures 5,275 x 1,930 x 1,490 x 3,180 mm in length, width, height and wheelbase. The long model is 5,465 mm in length and 3,370 mm in wheelbase.
  • The look of the G90 is the most elegant interpretation of the brand’s design philosophy (Athletic Elegance) to date, presenting an iconic vehicle capable of delivering truly luxurious experiences.
  • The front design of the model consists of a new Crest grille and stylish Two Line headlights, which resemble the brand’s emblem. Crest Grille takes the G90’s luxurious look to the next level with its Layered Architecture finish, which is composed of two G-Matrix models layered on top of each other to create a three-dimensional effect.
  • The Two Line headlights, located on both sides of the grille, have the thinnest lamps ever put on a Genesis model. Thin headlight lines are created by cross-cutting the low-beam daytime running light (DRL) lenses powered by Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology. The low beam in particular combines about 200 micro optical lenses per module with ultra-precise technology. The resulting lenses are smaller than those of the old projection lamps, but offer the same level of light intensity.
  • The G90’s status as a first-class luxury limousine is further cemented with the Clamshell Hood, a single panel that combines the hood and wings to remove gaps from the panels and create an elegant, aerodynamic impression. This elegance is also embodied in the logo on the hood, applied with the Guilloché decorative technique, which is almost 80% thinner than seen on the previous emblems.
  • When viewed from the side, the parabolic line starts from the bonnet and flows to the trunk, elegantly uninterrupted. The refined and voluminous bodywork also features athletic power lines from the wings around the wheels, projecting power and dynamism.
  • The combined two line rear lamps – key elements of the Genesis design language – are elongated along the back, with Genesis inscriptions concisely placed between them. Functional elements such as the license plate space, various sensors and reversing lights have been placed at the bottom to ensure that the back gives a clean and luxurious look.
World premiere: The new Genesis G90 – competitor to the S-Class, 7 Series and A8!
  • On the dashboard inside, attention is drawn to thin air deflectors that, combined with some wing-like shapes and the state-of-the-art connected car (ccIC) infotainment system, integrate the instrument cluster and navigation into a panoramic display (two 12.3-inch monitors), cementing a high-tech look.
  • The centre console carefully uses glass and aluminum materials to express luxury analog sensitivities. In addition, the Shift-By-Wire (SBW) electronic component and a dial-type central control panel (CCP) are differentiated to allow drivers to distinguish them intuitively while driving. In particular, SBW prevents malfunctioning by vibrating when the driver reverses.
  • Two panoramic hatches located above the first and second row can be controlled separately. Lamps installed on the edges of these hatches are connected with other status lamps in the vehicle to add a sense of luxury.
  • The rear seats are made with the highest quality upholstery. They can be tilted separately for the comfort of passengers. The G90 also offers a new customer experience with carefully designed storage spaces, such as an independent one for magazines and books, in the C-mount area.
  • New interior gaskets have become available thanks to new processing methods. They were applied to the central fascia, backrests of the front seats and doors. Genesis’s sustainable luxury philosophy is well reflected in the use of Newspaper Crown Wood veneer and Newspaper Stripe Wood. The special material is made using a new method that minimizes its impact on the environment by reprocessing paper waste from everyday life, including newspapers.
  • First used in a Genesis vehicle, the metal inlay gasket is a detail that has its roots in the traditional Korean “sanggam” (or “inlay”) technique. The gasket maximizes the feeling of luxury by inlaying the two lines and the G-matrix model on surfaces made of real metal, ash wood and wrought carbon.
  • The G90 comes in a range of 12 color options for the exterior, Hallasan Green, Capri Blue, Bariloche Brown, Valencia Gold and Maui Black being exclusive to the model. For the interior, there are five combinations of your choice: a monotonous color and four other two-tone.
  • Standard comes with five seats, optionally with four.
World premiere: The new Genesis G90 – competitor to the S-Class, 7 Series and A8!
  • Under the hood it has a single 3,470 cm3 turbocharged V6 engine, which produces 380 hp at 5,800 rpm and 530 Nm of torque from 1,300 rpm. It is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Traction can be rear or all-wheel drive. It can consume less than 11 litres of petrol mixed, including thanks to a double injection system that injects the optimum amount of fuel to meet driving conditions, and a Water Cooled Type Intercooler that improves acceleration response capability by rapidly lowering the airflow temperature.
  • To support its powerful engine power and torque while ensuring efficient cooling of the brake discs, the G90 uses several cooling mechanisms at the bottom of the car.
  • It also has a new braking mode called Chauffeur, which allows drivers to manage braking force. It is one of three built-in braking modes that drivers can use to suit their preferences and driving conditions.
  • In the basic equipment it comes with an adaptive Suspension Preview-Electronic Control Suspension (Preview-ECS), which optimizes control by using a front camera and data from the navigation system to recognize road conditions and provide a smooth driving experience.
  • For increased driving stability, the G90 also features optional multi-chamber air suspension,which changes the air pressure in air springs. Three settings are available, depending on the driving conditions.
    • When driving at high speeds, the air suspension system lowers the height of the vehicle to reduce wind resistance, increasing fuel efficiency and ultimately providing a more stable driving experience.
    • When driving on rough or uneven surfaces, the feature increases the ground clearance of the car by 25 mm on both axles to protect its drivetrain and reduce vibrations on the road.
    • The height of the vehicle can also be maintained at a certain level regardless of weight changes in passengers or luggage. This allows for a more comfortable journey while ensuring stable control of the vehicle.
  • The G90 also includes a feature that manages the air suspension according to the road conditions, helping drivers navigate in slow down speed, ramps and rough roads. This technology controls the damping and height of the suspension by identifying the environment in front of the vehicle with information collected from a front camera and navigation system, giving customers a comfortable journey.
    • If a bump is detected in front, on the road, 100 meters before contact, the vehicle lifts the front wheels by 10 mm and optimizes the Preview-ECS suspension. This reduces shock so that passengers do not feel much discomfort.
    • In addition, using sensors, the car can lift the front wheels when descending a steep slope. This strengthens the suspension to prevent damage from contact between flat road and offhill shock.
  • The flagship model can also be equipped with rear steered wheels. They can turn at low speed up to a maximum of four degrees (in the opposite direction to the front wheels) and up to a maximum of two degrees at high speed (in the same direction as the front wheels). With this equipment it is possible to maneuver easier in narrow spaces with fewer corrections and makes the turning radius of the sedan similar to that of a medium-sized car. It also improves cornering stability and allows the vehicle to make agile movements when changing lanes or avoiding obstacles at medium and high speeds.
  • The G90 also boasts the quietest travel experience, offering the inner peace that drivers expect from a luxury sedan. It is equipped as standard with the brand’s most advanced active NOISE CANCELLATION SYSTEM ANC-R (Active Noise Control-Road). It detects noise from the road surface and then sends out opposite-stage sounds through the speakers of the audio system to cancel it out.
    • To ensure the same peace and quiet for every seat and occupant in the vehicle, the Genesis measured and analyzed the sound sensitivity of each seat and adapted the sound cancellation accordingly. Some parts of the system are complemented with special materials that further strengthen the car’s bodywork, while various sound-absorbing materials have been used in key sections.
    • In addition, absolutely all windows, even the smallest, are laminated with an additional layer of sound insulator between two pieces of glass.
  • When a driver approaches the G90 with the smart key, the door handles with automatic closing make their appearance to greet the driver. Once the driver enters the vehicle, the EasyClose system closes the door without passengers having to reach out and grab it!
    • This feature is activated by pressing a button that is located in a number of easily accessible places, including on the center console of the first row, the armrests of the second row and the door panels in both rows.
    • In addition, the front doors can be set to close automatically when the brake pedal is pressed.
    • When passengers leave the vehicle, they can touch a switch on the outer handles or press the lock button on the remote to close the door.
    • All doors can have soft close.
  • The G90’s fingerprint authentication system in the centre console allows for keyless start-up and driving. In addition, it automatically uploads the driver’s personal settings and can be used as an identity verification method for car payments and Valet mode.
  • The new G90 comes standard with the Digital Key 2, allowing customers to access and start the vehicle simply by touching the door handle when they have the smartphone is nearby. It also features a smart function that automatically opens the luggage compartment when a driver or passenger sits near the sensor located at the back of the car for three seconds. Updates to the Genesis Digital Key 2 will be available later via Over the Air (OTA) technology.
  • Over the Air (OTA) software updates are also available for major electronic systems inside the G90, such as the navigation system, digital instrument cluster, head-up display, brakes, steering wheel and steering, suspension, airbags and the suite of driver assistance systems (ADAS). This allows drivers to update the vehicle’s software without visiting a service centre so that the car stays up to date with the latest features.
  • Customers can experience the advanced technology and comfort of the G90 even when driving or parking. The novelty is the first model to feature hands on detection (HOD), allowing the vehicle to accurately detect when the driver is holding the steering wheel. When driver assistance systems such as Highway Driving Assist are activated, the HOD accurately determines whether or not the driver is holding the steering wheel, issuing warnings when necessary.
  • Among other things, the Parking Collision Avoidance Assist (PCA) systems analyse the vehicle’s surroundings, including the rear, front and sides, warning the driver when there is a risk of collision with a pedestrian or object while parking, and activating the brakes if necessary and the Intelligent Remote Parking Assist (RSPA) Wide-angle based camera supports perpendicular parking, parallel parking and diagonal parking by recognizing parking lines.
  • Standard comes with 10 airbags.
World premiere: The new Genesis G90 – competitor to the S-Class, 7 Series and A8!
  • The car also features Virtual Venue – a virtual 3D surround sound function. It recreates the sound characteristics of different spaces that are optimized for certain types of music using settings such as Boston Symphony Hall or Bang & Olufsen Home, and offers that sound with an impressive audio system branded Bang & Olufsen (23 speakers). Virtual Venue monitors the interior through a microphone and simultaneously creates signals that reproduce the characteristics of the sound field of the selected space. The system then minimizes and stabilizes the noise in the car according to the speed of the vehicle, while providing high-quality sound through the speakers.
  • The G90 also comes with Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT), which optimizes sound quality through a pop-up electric tweeter located on the left and right side of the crash pad and speakers placed in the middle of the ceiling between the first and second row, creating a 3D sound experience.
  • Mood Curator allows integrated control of functions such as ambient lighting, the audio system, the fragrance system, massage chairs and electric curtains, lifting the mood of passengers (a kind of ENERGIZING comfort control that Mercedes offers). The machine offers four different modes of disposition, each of which can be customized.
  • The G90 is also the first model that the Genesis has equipped with a fragrance system that disperses pleasant odors in the cockpit. It offers three different flavors by means of replaceable cartridges. A maximum of two cartridges can be mounted on top of the glove floor. The type and intensity of the fragrance can be controlled via the infotainment system, the touch monitor of the rear seat or the air conditioning panel! Scents are automatically preselected for different Mood Curator modes, but can also be adjusted manually.
  • To enhance the comfort of both driver and passengers, the Genesis has equipped the G90 with “ergo-relaxing” seats. Each chair has 10 air cells on the backrest and two air cells in the pillow, which support four body massage modes, including for the entire body, waist, pelvis and upper body, with three options for the duration and power of the massage!
    • In addition, for easy transitions when passengers enter or exit the vehicle, air is removed from the side supports and returns to the original position after boarding. When the driving mode is set to Sport Mode or when driving with a minimum of 130 km/h, the side supports are automatically inflated!
  • In addition, for VIP passengers in the second row of seats, the G90 offers a variety of special features to ensure a comfortable journey.
    • A loudspeaker is installed in the headrest of the driver’s seat to emit guide/warning sounds that only the driver can hear, keeping passengers in the rear seats from hearing unnecessary noises.
    • The VIP seat, located on the right side of the second row, has newly added foot and sole holders with heating/ventilation functions.
    • Electric monitors with a 10.2-inch touch screen, mounted on the front row seats, can automatically adjust their angles according to the mode of the rear seats! They also allow passengers to use media independently of the driver, connecting Bluetooth headphones to the monitors on the left and right, respectively.
    • An 8-inch armrest touchscreen (ATS) offers integrated touch-type touch operation. Passengers can set the air conditioning control modes, the position of the seat, the massage settings, the position of the curtains and adjust the lighting. The touchscreen also provides clear guidance and explanations with graphics and animations that are suitable for each button-related function.
  • Genesis used antibacterial materials to the fullest in the cockpit, including a box in the second row armrest that is sterilized with ultraviolet light, an air purification mode that includes an antibacterial filter and a photocatalyst module to provide passengers with a safer and cleaner interior by sterilizing the air.
    • Genesis covered the interior of the G90 with an antibacterial material made of silver, zinc and zeolite, which prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on areas with artificial skin and mats, protective pads, door trim and armrests.

A few additional details about the long-wheelbase model:

  • With a longer profile than other sedans, it allows for a more spacious interior by extending the rear doors and C-pillars by a total of 190 mm.
  • On the outside it has an exclusive combination of tires and wheels at 20 inches. Its side profile underscores the vehicle’s presence with a Day Light Opening (DLO) line that wraps around the chrome windscreen and B-pillars. Exclusive bumpers make the model different from other sedans, while chrome decorations give it a more elegant and elegant look.
  • The interior offers exclusive features for an increased sense of luxury, such as quilted semi-aniline leather seats and extra footrests for the second-row left seat.
  • The G90 LWB has the same 3.5-litre turbocharged engine, but completes with a 48V electric supercharger (e-S/C). This engine supercharges compressed air to achieve maximum torque performance faster than other 3.5-liter turbocharged engines, increasing throttle response at low and medium speeds.
  • The G90 LWB will only be available as standard with AWD, multi-chamber air suspension and steering on the rear wheels.

The detailed specifications for the G90 LWB model will be announced soon. The Genesis G90 is not currently scheduled to go on sale in Europe!

The estimated starting price announced at the moment in South Korea – 68,310.80 euros! For the LWB – 125,361.57 euros.

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