Car Care Tips : winter tire safety tips

Car Care : Winter Tire Safety Tips

Winter and cold is one of the most complicated for drivers by adverse weather conditions that occur on the road times. Therefore, it is important to take care of our tires.

winter tire safety tips

Car Care Tips : winter tire safety tips

Although I have a few days to finish the winter , the cold and bad weather still present. Therefore, it is appropriate to remember how we care for our tires , a key element of safety during these days of intense cold.

  • comprehensive review.- The drop in temperatures, coupled with phenomena such as rain or snow, will change the conditions of the road, so you should take precautions. A good start can be sure that our car tires are in good condition, subject to a review.
  • Check the pressure every month.- The tire pressure should not be too high, because the tire life is shortened; nor too low, because overheat, consume more fuel and wear out sooner. Therefore, it is advisable to apply the pressure specified by the manufacturer, although it is advisable that winter is somewhat higher because low temperatures deflate the tires more easily.
  • A drawing with a depth of 3 mm.- If it is usual that the depth of the tread pattern tire is greater than 1.6 mm to ensure adherence (measured in which change is recommended), in winter must increased to 3 millimeters to improve braking distance.
  • Chains, the faithful traveling companion.- addition to the spare tire, we must not forget the chains, indispensable to circulate quietly in winter. Although not required to carry them in the car, if appropriate; chains will ensure tire grip preventing the car from skidding. And remember reduce speed when driving with them.
  • Winter tires, an investment in the future.- The use of winter tires is becoming more widespread in recent years, especially in areas with more severe weather conditions; and ensuring greater grip means more safety. Skeptics argue such tires disbursement to be faced, especially if the standard are still in good condition; but it is important to note that this is an investment in long – term security. Further. to change them , you are extending the life of the summer, so both games will last you more and you \’ll notice the savings in the long run.
  • Four Seasons tires .- Just as there are winter and summer tires, also there for four seasons, combining the best of both. For winter can be a good choice and stand out for their grip on the pavement, as mentioned above, thanks to its rubber grip provides difficult conditions such as wet or icy. Its use is indicated for areas with temperatures up to 40 degrees in summer and 20 degrees below zero in winter.

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