When will F1 2017 be unveiled?

When will F1 2017 be unveiled?

When and where will the F1 2017 season be presented? Automoto tells you everything.

The 2017 season of Formula 1 will begin on Friday, March 24 with the Free Practice 1 of the Australian Grand Prix. Before this great rendezvous, the F1 teams will participate in winter tests but above all: present their new single-seaters. Automoto takes stock of the presentation schedule.

When will F1 2017 be unveiled?

Renault will open the ball

It\’s Renault team will be the first to unveil its 2017 single seater But the diamond brand has not detailed the terms of the presentation of his car : at the factory, during a special event or just on the Internet ? Answer on February 21st. The next day, it will be the turn of Force India to do the same. The Indian team will be presenting Esteban Ocon on the Silverstone circuit.

The Mercedes W08 unveiled on February 23

Silverstone is also the place chosen by Mercedes for the presentation of the W08 Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Ferrari and McLaren the same day!

On February 24, fans of F1 will be spoiled since no less than two stables. First there will be Ferrari in Fiorano. Scuderia announced during his traditional Christmas meeting, without even mention the name of the car .

Ferrari will make two promotional filming days on the Fiorano circuit. These are the only rounds allowed outside the practice sessions with all teams. The teams can make 100km with demonstration tires.

The same day, McLaren will unveil his car should have an orange livery

Sauber and Haas announce first rolls

The Sauber C36 Ferrari engine (version 2016) will make its first laps five days before the official start of the winter tests. The Swiss confirmed today that the C36 will be racing in Barcelona on 22 February, for a total maximum allowed of 100 kilometers during a day of filming promotional.

However, Sauber has not revealed his plans for the presentation of his car. It is the same Haas . The American team will also take the track with its new car two days before the official winter testing. It is also unclear which driver will make the first run between Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Williams are desired

On 26 January, the future Red Bull RB13 successfully passed the crash tests of the FIA . But the team has not yet specified the date of presentation of the single-seater Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. As for his “Junior Team”, Toro Rosso, here too the mystery remains.

Finally, on 1 February, the team Williams conducted the first start of his new car for the upcoming season, the FW40, at its factory in Grove, England.

The British team specifies that it is “in time” with the assembly of its new car, whose date of presentation remains unknown.

Schedule of presentations F1 2017
21 February: Renault
February 22: Force India
February 23: Mercedes
February 24: Ferrari and McLaren
Unknown Date: Haas, Red Bull, Sauber, Toro Rosso, Williams

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