Why Are Vehicle Tires Always Made In Black?

Why Are Vehicle Tires Always Made In Black?

Have you ever wondered why every car you see on the road always has the same color tire? We also got into this curiosity and explained to you why the tires are always black.

Have you ever wondered why the lasatics in vehicles are always black , while there are zibilyon different colors that only our eyes can see ? Why are the tires that separate them from the ground in one color when cars are roaming around colorfully? We were also curious about the answer to this question, and we explained why the tires are always black.

Why Are Vehicle Tires Always Made In Black?

To summarize above all, the reason why the tires on our vehicles are black lies in the materials used in the production of the tires . Because these materials won\’t change anytime soon, the tires will remain black until new technologies are found in different areas. So, what are the materials that give the tire its black color?

The first of the two main raw materials: Rubber

There are two main raw materials of the tire. The first of these, rubber, natural rubber made from the tree bearing the same name, and artificial rubber obtained from petroleum are added to the rubber compound in appropriate proportions according to the usage area of ​​the tire to be produced . The total amount of rubber in the tire varies from 60% to 80%. The rubber gives the wheel flexibility and increases the friction coefficient. While the color of natural rubber is brown, artificial rubber can be found in white, yellow, brown or transparent colors.

Our second main raw material: Is

Our second main raw material used in tires is soot . This substance, which you can encounter in any place where there is fire, is in jet black and has a structure that you can quickly spread all over. In addition to rubber, a tire contains 20 to 40% soot. The main task of the job is to extend the life of the tire by giving it abrasion resistance.

Paints made with today\’s technology are not strong enough to cope with the black color power of the soot. No matter how much colored paint is added to the wheel paste containing soot, the wheel will still maintain its black color. In addition, this paint you put into the dough will spoil the composition of the tire, so it is not a very logical process.

Although the soot forces the tire to be colored, the biggest cause of the blackness of the tire is not itself. The biggest reason for today\’s vehicles to have black tires is the pigment called ” carbon black “. Thanks to this pigment, the tires we use can be so strong and durable. To give an example, pigment increases the life of the tire by dissipating the heat accumulated by the tire. Of course, the pigment mixed with the rubber in the opposite of this determines the color of the tire .

If these tires, which allow our vehicle to touch the ground and drive for hours, would not carry materials that would cause them to have a black color, they could not be so durable and safe . Although we see few examples of colored tires today, it is good to know that these tires are not suitable even for daily driving.

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