Toyota unveils the first image of the X Prologue concept car

Volvo XC60 Changes & Redesign

After having passed the three-year career milestone, the second generation XC60 has just gone through the traditional restyling box. Very few cosmetic changes but some improvements to the equipment.

Toyota unveils the first image of the X Prologue concept car

Discreetly, without warning, the Volvo XC60 has just undergone a little facelift. Even if it did not especially need it given its good sales in 2020 – it is the second best-selling Volvo in France behind the small XC40 -, the second-generation XC60 has crossed the threshold a few months ago. mid-career course . As is often the case in such an exercise, the Swedish did not however upset the look of his SUV. A good sense of observation is required – even insufficient – to notice that the shields have been retouched, because the lights and grilles are identical to the previous vintage .

Android multimedia system

Most of the new features can be appreciated with use, since the Swedish manufacturer has enriched the equipment of its mid-range SUV. As an option, buyers can now count on the latest Google services and applications within the “Digital Connect” package. The entire multimedia system can therefore be placed under the Android umbrella in order to further simplify use and compatibility with smartphones using the same operating system .

Likewise, some updates have been made to the driving aids. We note the arrival of the detection system for other road users, including for example cyclists, as well as collision prevention. Lane Keeping Adaptive Cruise Control now operates until a stop. Finally, new interior textile covers are available. The redesigned  XC60 is expected in dealerships at the end of the summer, or even in the fall since production will begin at the end of May .

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