Volvo V90 D4

Volvo V90 D4 190 Ch Test, Specs and Review

Volvo continues its revolution, and after the new XC90, here are the S90 and V90. We took the wheel of the latter, the heiress of a long line, who has no ambition other than to do anything else than the figuration in the sphere of the premium sedans and breaks. Does the Swede really have the weapons to annoy the German references? Elements of response in Provence.

Volvo V90 D4 Exterior Style

The XC90 was the spearhead of the Volvo revival, and the V90 followed suit to set this new era in Gothenburg. The design, initiated by the latest concepts, is almost featured on this new car, like the XC90. As evidenced by the long fires with LEDs integrating a light signature hammer way Thor and the broad grille that make up his look both modern and classic, so statutory. Behind its unrestrained hood, a profile just marked with a shoulder to the rear. The gently sloping trunk emphasizes its elegant dynamism, enhanced by large wheels and tires with reduced sides. For the more hesitant, it will be necessary to privilege the break to the sedan according to us less successful in design.

Volvo V90 D4 190 Ch Test, Specs and Review

Interior Style & Equipment

On board, one enters a world where the notions of luxury, elegance, technology and zen harmonize. It feels particularly good, and without really knowing why when sitting. First of all the technology does not appear excessively invasive. We rarely saw a car with so much equipment, which nevertheless seem invisible. The impeccable presentation brings out a very refined style. Everything revolves around the large and large vertical screen that brings together all the comfort and adjustment functions of the V90. But it is especially the atmosphere that we adore, with materials finely chosen in the image of woods, leather and plastics which for the most part are shiny. No meters behind the steering wheel, but a digital color screen. A word on the trunk, which with a volume ranging from 560 to a little more than 1520 liters depending on the configuration, lies in the segment average, no more. We liked the atmosphere of the XC90, we love the V90. One has only one desire, put a beautiful piece in the exceptional audio installation, and roll. A real invitation to travel!

Volvo V90 D4 190 Ch Test, Specs and Review


Under our hood, a 4-cylinder turbo Diesel D4 190 hp. Some will blame the Swedish brand, but no other engine architecture is available. The power of this one is not exceptional. The Swedish blocks can do much more, culminating at 407 hp for the T8 version that will arrive a little later. A city look, the engine is forgotten, well helped additionally by an automatic gearbox with 8 reports that does its job without being noticed by any jerks. Same thing with motorway, the silence of operation and the attenuated air noises allow to fully enjoy the music coming from the smartphone coupled with CarPlay. The V90 is not without breath in the raises, they prove to be honorable, but it is the problem of the big roads of the kind, one tends to want more always. The great Scandinavian grows so much to the “zenitude” \’It goes without pallets at the wheel yet practical when one decides to change mood. We regret it.

On the road

It is fast on the chapter of comfort, it turns out quite simply remarkable, and we are not talking only about depreciation. The wheel of the Drive mode allows to dynamize the driving, making it more reactive, but not too much anyway. The air suspension hardens to better contain body movements. However, it continues to pump more than it needs to, and especially in sharp changes in support. On this point the Volvo does not have the rigor of its best competitors. It should be noted, however, that in order to achieve this, it was necessary to force oneself, because once again being so well settled, we preferred to align the kilometers in all quietude by letting it do. Because in terms of driving aids, it is the amateur\’s paradise. Obviously adaptive controller, maintaining active queue, reading panels etc, there is nothing missing. The Pilot Assist inaugurated by the XC90 allows the car to follow the traffic up to 50 km / h without driver intervention (it is still necessary to touch the steering wheel), and is the ideal equipment on a per hour device peak. Except on the V90, it runs up to 130 km / h. On motorway, one approaches a semi-conductor autonomous, and the system works perfectly. One comes to regret the alert which pushes to keep his hands on the wheel …

Volvo V90 D4 190 Ch Test, Specs and Review

Price and conclusion

The offer starts at just over 44,000 euros with a 150 hp diesel, 57,150 euros for our 190 hp test model and 74,470 euros for the most expensive T6 in the catalog today. In comparison with the German competitors, when adding their options to achieve the equivalent Swedish endowment, the Volvo is always cheaper. And frankly, given its performances, we advise owners of productions from beyond the Rhine to try it … they could discover a passion for Scandinavia.

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Photo credit: the blog auto

Indoor atmosphere
Embedded Technologies
Absence of pallets while driving
Pneumatic suspension in dynamic mode
Volvo V90 D4 190
Type and location 4 cylinders Diesel Turbo
Displacement (cm3) 1969
Power (kW / hp) 140/190 to 4250
Couple (Nm) 400 to 1750
Wheel drive Before
Gearbox Geartronic 8-speed automatic
Front Suspension NC
Rear Suspension NC
Brakes Ventilated discs AV AR
Rims and tires 225/55 R17
Maximum speed (km / h) 225
0 to 100 km / h (s) 8.5
Urban cycle (l / 100 km) 5.2
Extra-urban cycle (l / 100 km) 4.1
Mixed cycle (l / 100 km) 4.5
CO2 (g / km) 119
Length (mm) 4936
Width (mm) 1879
Height (mm) 1475
Wheelbase (mm) 2941
Volume of luggage compartment (l) 560 → 1526
Reservoir (1) 55
Unladen weight (kg) 1817

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