Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Comfortable ride, Well equipped, Handsome design

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Comfortable ride, Well equipped, Handsome design

The Volvo V90 Cross Country is an unconventional proposal. As the Audi Allroad Quattro and A6 Mercedes-Class All Terrain, skiing is essentially a more rustic version oriented off the road a conventional field.

However, unlike its competitors, the V90 Cross Country has an off-road pedigree, with a heritage dating back to 1997 and the launch of the original V70XC – a car that started the off-road-cum-haciendas trend.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that a company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector produced a car with an impressive range of capabilities on and off road. AWD’s all-wheel drive (which is standard on all models) offers impressive levels of grip in adverse conditions, the height of the adjustable air suspension allows off-road light point and different driving modes that allow you to adapt the road circulation V90 features. So if you want a car to take you through the hills, the valley and valley but do not want an SUV, the V90 could be worth a look.

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review

Read on for our thoughts and our comprehensive evaluation of the V90 Cross Country, and see if it’s worth putting on your wish list.

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Comfortable ride, Well equipped, Handsome design


As the E-Class and all-terrain Audi A6 All Road, Cross Country has been designed to be more comfortable and easier than your biased brothers and sisters. The change may be slight, but on the British roads of course you can see a character remarkably different from the regular V90.

With the suspension in comfort, the Cross Country is embarrassingly soft. Over the ridges and valleys, it remains resolutely and without phase with the braided suspension doing an impressive job of smoothing sudden vertical entrances.

That being said, due to slight flexing, there is a leaner body touch on the hard corners – the result of having a higher center of gravity than the standard car – but not to the extent that the V90 capability is diminished as A comfortable long-distance cruise. There is also a sporty mode that makes the Cross Country spin on the corners faster without making the car too tight everywhere – but it seems to go against the character of the V90 to use it too often. The system is also intelligent – if you forget to turn off the “off road” mode when you are back on the platform, you will automatically return to comfort when it exceeds 20 miles per hour and switching from one to another mode of almost imperceptible .

Regardless of the mode, however, the steering is accurate and light, even off the road, but lacks feedback. And despite its dexterity, the Cross Country V90 is best suited for “soft-road” rather than facing the mountains.

Volvo uses its attractive flame-power technology in the cross-country D5 engine. Compressed air is used to help the turbocharger to start faster, and the result is an extraordinarily urgent acceleration of low speeds. It’s a shame that the standard eight-speed automatic transmission can sometimes swing, making it difficult to progress – and there are no wheel paddles mounted for manual control.

D4 Cross Country also receives the same transmission system and the most powerful four-wheel drive D5. It is much slower than our D5 recommends, therefore it requires much more throttle to set the speed. However, the engine is powerful enough for most situations.

The bottom cruiser is very quiet, although we noticed that the D5 engine sounds clattery when it is cold. Once the temperature has reached, the turbo unit deforms only 4000 rev / min, and the gearbox is smooth once you are on the road. There is almost no wind noise, even on the road, and the road noise is well contained, but the softer tires that come standard on all Cross Country V90 generate extra noise.

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Interior layout

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Comfortable ride, Well equipped, Handsome design

In addition to the black walnut peeling and a leather-trimmed dashboard cab is almost identical to the V90 standard, which is not a bad thing. Every surface feels impeccably built, the 9.0in touch screen portrait remains one of the most intuitive systems on the market – although it can be a little slow, since the car rises to the temperature – and despite the car is 65mm previously , The distance to the ground is not added little to change the view of the road behind the wheel. In fact, the driving position is excellent, which gives you the commander feeling that most SUV buyers are looking for.

All cross-country skiing are automatic, and the two pedals are aligned with the driver’s seat, ensuring a comfortable leg position on long trips. The forward visibility is very good, but unlike Volvo’s age-advanced antiquity properties, the V90 has a very stylish rear end which means the rear view is slightly darkened. At least rollover sensors are standard, and the list of options includes a complete set of cameras and even an automatic parking.

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Space & practicality

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Comfortable ride, Well equipped, Handsome design

The Volvo V90 is impressive to accommodate four adults and the transformation of the cross country does not change anything in this regard. The front ones get a lot of head and legs, and it would take a couple of very large people up front to make the adult laps behind rubbing with the seat backs. This is more of a nag when a fifth adult is on board, but three young children can sit next to each other in the perfectly happy back.

Things are not so good at the end of the company, because while the 560-liter V90 boot corresponds to a BMW 5 Series Touring, drops a few liters of the Audi A6 Avant and is completely hit in relation to the Mercedes E-Class Estate. The depth of sowing is also compromised, with its style, but impractical line of the roof.

Still, the rear seats split 60:40 and completely folded flat at the touch of a button that sits right at the starter entrance. With them down the load capacity increases up to 1526 liters. Although the access is very good, it was not much more than the total capacity of the Class E or A6. With no load edge and the fact that the V90 floor is located quite close to the floor, lifting heavy bags inside is a breeze. The standard electric tailgate is also a nice touch.

Quality in the interior of the cross-country, with its real wood trim and leather-trimmed dashboard, is beautiful – at the height of the BMW 5 Series and not too far from the Audi A6. Everything feels well built and there are many soft and dense materials.

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Buying & owning

Volvo V90 Cross Country Review : Comfortable ride, Well equipped, Handsome design

Then Cross Country D4 a significant bonus on a D4 Momentum equivalent. For this additional expense you get a sturdy exterior, an increase in ground clearance and all-wheel drive as standard.

The jump from a standard D5 to D5 cross-country is more pleasing to the touch, especially if we consider satellite navigation, LED lights and double-zone weather. Available as a stand-alone platform, there is no luxury registration model, although buyers can remove the black coating for more stylishly finished body color.

The selector business may be disappointed to see a slight increase in CO2 emissions – 138g / km versus 119g / km for the D4 and 139g / km versus 129g / km for the D5 – and a respective increase of Four and two percent BIK gains in kind) thanks to the height of the body.

For private buyers, the relatively slow depreciation of the cross country will be a major attraction, and maintenance should be comparable with an Audi A6 or a BMW 5 Series.

The V90 covered standard Volvo safety systems to a new level, and benefits the field through these improvements. The urban emergency braking system is now able to recognize large animals, and a system that automatically directs you to your lane on the road, works perfectly.


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