Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 Review and Details

Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 Review and Details

The Volvo V90 Cross Country is a variant of the Volvo V90 with a 60 mm higher ground clearance and with plastic body protections. It is available with four engines, two Diesel -D4 of 190 hp and D5 of 235 hp- and two of gasoline -T5 of 254 hp and T6 of 320 hp. All of them are four-cylinder. Traction is always on all four wheels. In D4, the change can be manual or automatic; In the rest it is always automatic. It has a slope assist system and an off-road driving mode. The comfort and safety equipment (has many elements of assistance to the driving) are similar to those of the S90.

The sale price starts at 56 873 euros, corresponding to the V90 Cross Country D4 version with manual transmission. The D4 version with automatic transmission is significantly more expensive than a  Volkswagen Passat Alltrack  of 190 hp, costs less than an  Audi A6 allroad  of 218 hp and cheaper than a Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain 190 hp. The difference in price with respect to the equivalent V90 varies between about 1900 and 7200 euros. The biggest differences are in the versions D4 and T5, which in the V90 are always front-wheel drive.

Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 Review and Details

We have driven the Volvo V90 Cross Country D5 and T6. The majority of the kilometers have been run by highways in good condition and at speeds close to the legal maximum. The sensations in progress have been very similar to each other. At sustained speed, both are very quiet and you can barely hear the noise coming from their engines. The interior is also well insulated from aerodynamic and rolling noise; In short, the trips are very comfortable.

The clearest differences between the D5 and the T6 are given at idle – the diesel vibrates a little more, without being annoying – and, above all, under strong demand for acceleration – the T6 accelerates much more. Although much faster, the T6 has not seemed to me to have the advantage of smoothness in the delivery of power normally given by six or more cylinder engines (both the BMW 5 Series as the Mercedes-Benz E-Class as the Audi A6, have six-cylinder engines in their gasoline models of more than 300 hp).

Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 Review and Details

I have traveled more comfortable in the Volvo V90 Cross Country T6, but not because of the power advantage and minimal softness it has with respect to the D5, but because it was equipped with more comfortable seats that come in a package of options (Pack Luxury Seats) . They have, among other things, ventilation (which limits the condensation of sweat on the back) and a backrest that can be adjusted in width (the standard can be wide for people with a normal complexion). This option is only available with the most expensive equipment level of the two possible (called Pro).

I\’m not sure of the differences in the ride comfort between a Volvo V90 and V90 Cross Country. I would have to ride in one and then another in order to confirm it. In any case it is possible that due to the greater height of the second, the driver has a greater sensation of rolling in curves, although the differences will be small.

The free height to the ground of the body is 210 millimeters, the same one that had the Volvo XC70 , model to which it replaces. It is the same as a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk , which is the Renegade version with more off-road preparation, and is superior to models like the Hyundai Tucson (172 mm) and the Renault Kadjar (190 mm).

Volvo V90 Cross Country 2017 Review and Details

The additional 60 mm height to the ground with respect to the V90 are due to changes in suspension and also to tires with a larger profile. The dimensions of the standard tires are 235/55 R18, while those of the V90 are 225/55 R17 (245/45 R18 in D5, T5 and T6). Optionally there are 19-inch wheels on which 235/50 measures tires are mounted.

Compared to the equivalent V90 versions, the V90 Cross Country is between two and three tenths of a second slower accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h and consumption is slightly higher. The V90 Cross Country D4 with automatic transmission is significantly slower than the All-Terrain E-Class 220 and its fuel consumption is similar.

The V90 Cross Country measures 4939 millimeters in length, making it 3 millimeters longer than the V90. This is because the cross country bumpers are different, a bit more bulky. The space for occupants and cargo as well as the quality of coatings of the interior materials are the same as in the V90.

In our car insurance comparison, we have calculated the price of a full insurance policy without excess for a Volvo V90 Cross Country D4 automatic. The Tomardor is a 49 year old who lives in Madrid and keeps the car in a garage. This man, man, travels about 30 000 kilometers each year and has been without a part of his current insurance policy for 9 years. With these data, the cheapest price is offered by Genesis (Vip Policy) for 1000 euros per year.

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