Volvo V90 Car Available for Spec; R-Design is the cheapest

It is no secret that we are fans of the elegant Volvo V90 car; In particular, dig in its purest form – more than the Cross Country version – and looks particularly hot in the R-Design setting. Well, now Volvo has published the prices for the car, and guess what? The V90 R-Design is the least expensive version.

The V90 R-Design starts at $ 50,945 and the V90 Record is $ 52,945. These prices are for vehicles equipped with T5 powertrain, consisting of four-cylinder Volvo turbo 250 liters and 258 lb-ft of torque, front-wheel drive.

Cross-country skiing, which does not offer different levels of balance, $ 56,295-starts but with the T6 engine train (without Cross Country T5). If you want supercharged turbocharger and T6 2.0 liter four (good for 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft) and AWD on your regular V90, this $ 56,945 for the R-Design, and $ 58,945 for the tan -Registration that is a bit more expensive than the background.

All V90 wagons come standard with the ability to drive semi-autonomous pilot Volvo Assist (operating at speeds up to 80 miles / h), adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking (with detection pedestrians and large animals Size) tracking, 12.3-inch vertical touchscreen with Sensus navigation and a panoramic sunroof. The R-Design models are designed as a “sport” chassis, sport pedals, metal interior seat and upholstery in leather and gray nobuck, and the following specific design elements: R-grille, exterior trim, The illuminated door, gear lever, steering wheel, mats and key chains. The Registry has a “dynamic” chassis, full leather (four-color option), walnut seat contour variable seat with side support, electrically adjustable extensions and cushion, heated front seats and ventilation for 19 Inches, exterior moldings, rugs and key chains.

Because the V90 is only a special order (unlike the background, which will be stored in the dealers), Volvo is able to offer much more than the normal level of customization. There are about 20 options (depending on the level of equipment and propulsion system), which are available individually, so you are not forced to purchase packages. A Bowers & Wilkins audio system is the most expensive at $ 3200, but other notable items include a head-up display ($ 900), a 360-degree camera ($ 900), 20-inch ), Integrated child seats ($ 500) Support for automated parking ($ 500) and heated steering wheel ($ 300). Volvo pneumatic suspension and adaptive damping ($ 1200) are reserved for T6 models only.

Perhaps the ability to customize will in turn be enough incentive for buyers to wait for the investment process of a special order for a V90 instead of opting for a background is sitting in the dealer lot. In addition, the V90 R-Design looks so good.

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