Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: pros and cons

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: pros and cons

The Volkswagen Tiguan  is one of the most successful products of Volkswagen , a second-generation SUV that not only renews its image, but acquires the technologies of the new MQB platform of the Volkswagen Group, like the Volkswagen Passat or the Volkswagen Golf . We analyze its pros and cons.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: pros and cons

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: photos

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: pros and cons

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: the pros

Known . Few can say that they do not know the Volkswagen Tiguan, a model that has lived together for a good number of years in its first generation and has achieved great sales successes throughout its commercial life. The simple fact of arriving by the hand of Volkswagen and wearing a reputed name is already a sign of confidence.

Luggage compartment . It is one of the largest in the category in terms of size, but at least it makes it a big boot. It has 520 liters in the chest , a figure that places it above many of its most direct rivals, and among the best in its class. There is also more space in the rear seats.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: pros and consTechnology . As previously mentioned, the new Tiguan acquires all the technologies derived from the new MQB platform common to the Volkswagen group. This means that it has the latest advances in safety such as adaptive cruise control, the automatic city emergency braking system with pedestrian detection or the alert system for involuntary lane change with automatic maintenance assistant.

Equipment . One of the great keys of the Tiguan is its equipment, a long list of optional equipment that adds elements such as the digital control panel, 360º vision cameras or an advanced Discover Pro multimedia system with a 9.2-inch touch screen.

Quality . Volkswagen is naturally associated with quality, provided especially by finishes of great detail and the use of high quality materials . In addition, the personalization of the cabin enjoys great options that feed the sensation.

Customization . Although the Volkswagen Tiguan is not as customizable as some of its Premium alternatives, it does have a long list of exclusive options in order to satisfy the most demanding customer. For example, you can assemble an R-Line package that adds a sporty touch to the aesthetic and dynamic aspects.

Engines . Another of the great advantages of the Tiguan is its wide range of mechanics, which starts from 115 HP and reaches 240 HP , with the latest technology in fuel saving measures (from 4.7 l / 100 km). In addition, the double clutch DSG and the 4Motion all-wheel drive are available as an option.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: the cons

Size . It is not the biggest, but neither is it the smallest. Okay, as we have noted before, the larger size translates into better interior dimensions, but its 4.48 meters long will not make the task of parking easy, especially if we have a small space.

SUV . Few SUVs are those that can take chest in the off-road section, but the case of the Tiguan is unique. The front-wheel drive versions offer 191 mm of ground clearance . To increase it we must go to the 4Motion, with 201 mm in that height. The off-road angles also improve.

They are not, in any case, especially attractive levels to take the car off the road with too many guarantees, especially if things get complicated. Fortunately there is an optional front bumper that improves the angle of entry.

Volkswagen Tiguan 2017: pros and consHybrid version . There is a hybrid plug-in version , but it is not yet sold. And the worst thing is that we do not know if it will finally go on the market. It uses the same propulsion group as Passat GTE, with 50 kilometers of electric autonomy and a total of 218 HP of power. To arrive would be a revulsive in the segment, but we have no news about it … for now.

Price . The Tiguan brings a lot of equipment and great quality, and that is paid for. That’s why part of € 26,660 , a fee for which we took home a Tiguan 1.4 TSI 125 hp with manual and front-wheel drive. Diesel access is € 27,690 for a 115 hp TDI. There are more affordable alternatives.

The rival at home . The problem with the Tiguan is that there is a lot to choose from without leaving home . The new SEAT Ateca is a very similar vehicle that shares a multitude of elements, including a good part of the range of engines. It goes as well as the Volkswagen and, in addition, is substantially more affordable.

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