Volkswagen ID.4 Specs, Release Date and Price

Volkswagen ID.4 Specs, Release Date and Price

The newcomer compact electric Volkswagen ID.3 , which opens the door to the new era of the brand with electrification as the main protagonist, will have a big brother in the market. This is the Volkswagen ID.4 , an electric SUV based on the Volkswagen ID Crozz prototype presented two years ago at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Volkswagen ID.4 Specs, Release Date and Price

The head of the firm in North America has confirmed that this Volkswagen ID.4 will be unveiled in February 2020 , while its arrival on the market will take place at the end of that year. In addition, it has ventured to advance its starting price , which will be around $ 33,000 in the case of the US market.

In this way, this Volkswagen ID.4 , which will land in both Europe and North America, will continue to add troops to the German brand’s electric family, as will other brands of the group, such as Audi, which already plans output up to three electrified models on the platform of the ID.3, or of SEAT with its el-Born , which will be the first electric production of the Spanish brand. And do not forget either Škoda CITIGOe iV …

Another shoot of the MEB platform

Volkswagen ID.4 Specs, Release Date and Price

Thus, Scott Keogh, CEO of the group in North America, in an interview with the Road Show (CNet) during the presentation of the Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport R-Line (which has released the new Volkswagen R logo ), has advanced these First details of the brand’s new electrical sprout.

It has also confirmed, as expected, that it will be conceived in the specific modular architecture for MEB electric cars , as well as ID.3 and the aforementioned Audi or the SEAT e-Born.

Keogh also confirms that the Volkswagen ID.4 will be a SUV of smaller dimensions than the Volkswagen Tiguan , which means that it will be below 4.48 meters in length, so we will be facing a compact SUV and if it follows the line Design ID Crozz, coupe cut. In spite of this, the person in charge has assured that it will offer a habitability greater than the mentioned all-road route thanks to its architecture.

Volkswagen ID.4 Specs, Release Date and Price

And, remember, the MEB platform is articulated around a flat and rectangular battery that is located between the two axes and on the floor of the platform. It can accommodate rear-wheel drive or integral models (as will be the case of ID.4), placing the electrical mechanics either on the rear axle or both.

The generous interior space, as with ID.3, is thus marked by the location of the battery, to which must be added the absence of a transmission shaft or the tunnel for the exhaust line. This allows better use of the cabin space, as well as not penalizing the cargo capacity of the trunk.

Less than 30,000 euros?

Volkswagen ID.4 Specs, Release Date and Price

Beyond the data advanced by Keogh, what is most surprising is the starting price of the Volkswagen ID.4 indicated by the manager: $ 33,000 which is equivalent to 29,659 euros at the exchange. Although we must also bear in mind that prices in the North American market are not extrapolated to Europe, as they are taxed with lower taxes.

Be that as it may, Volkswagen remains true to its idea that its electric cars are “for millions and not for millionaires . ” Not surprisingly, ID.3 has announced a price lower than 30,000 euros, although its launch edition will be between that figure and 40,000 euros.

Thus, it would not be unreasonable if this ID.4 were also on a fork between 30,000 and 40,000 euros in its most basic option. We will have to wait a few months for the firm to shed some light on this. And it will not take long to do so, taking into account that it will be revealed in the first stages of next year.

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