The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Prototype General information

It is a prototype moved with four electric motors whose total power is 750 horses. It is large, measuring 5.26 meters long, 2.11 meters wide and 1.76 meters high. That is, it is longer and wider than a Mercedes-Benz GLS , and lower. A Tesla Model X is smaller. Mercedes-Maybach is the luxury vehicle division of Mercedes-Benz.

The proportions of its body make it not easily classifiable. The manufacturer says that it “reconciles the DNA of an SUV with that of a saloon” and also points out that these two body variants are the most appreciated at the international level, especially in the Chinese market. Precisely, the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Vision is presented during the 2018 Beijing Motor Show.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Prototype General information

Some of its style details are taken from other prototypes of this brand (from the Vision 6 takes the grill) and from a production model (the Mercedes-Maybach S Class ). To achieve the desired aesthetic effect, it has been necessary to assemble a 24-inch diameter tire.

Inside, the intention of Mercedes-Benz has been to convey a sense of luxury thanks, for example, to the use of exquisite materials, an elegant design and “impressive surfaces”. The subsequent seats have been specially taken care of since this car is conceived to be driven by a driver. Between the two rear seats there is a heated tray (made of ebony wood), a teapot and handmade porcelain cups.

In the front seats there are two configurable screens, one after the other , a solution already used by some Mercedes-Benz models. There are also touch controls between the seats, as well as on the steering wheel. The voice recognition system seems very advanced since in addition to adapting to the voice of each user (something that is not so new) “assumes new buzzwords, or changes in the meaning of some terms” and “does not respond by repeating always typical phrases, but it varies as in an authentic dialogue ». There is a system, called Mercedes-Benz User Experience, which is able to interpret the needs of the occupants, anticipating their needs. In this way, you can reproduce the most appropriate music to the mood of the occupants, know their agendas and plan the routes from these and other information.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Prototype General information

This prototype can reach a maximum speed of 250 km / h and has an autonomy «of more than 500 kilometers» in the NEDC consumption cycle. The battery has a useful capacity of 80 kWh capacity (the Tesla Model X has a capacity of up to 100 kWh) and is located on the floor of the body. One of the ways to charge this battery is through the standard CCS to 350 kW, which allows to charge in “5 minutes enough energy to obtain an additional autonomy of 100 km”. It can also be charged in domestic and induction power outlets (or wireless recharge ).

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