Review of the Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition.

Vespa S 125 i-Get Review, Specs Details – Monochrome Special Edition.

The return of the “Monochrome Special Edition” with the Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition is
sleek, sporty, and aggressive, another special edition scooter celebrating the 10th anniversary of Vespa Thailand, just 1,010 units.

Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition

The Vespa is a scooter that speaks to its name, when anyone screams, it has its unique appearance and high character. Combined with a captivating design, the Vespa has become a favorite scooter.

On a special occasion at Vespa Thailand for its 10th anniversary, Vespa Thailand has launched another 10-year scooter with the Monochrome concept limited to only 1,010 units with the Vespa S 125 i-. Get Monochrome Special Edition with an exterior design that emphasizes elegance, looks fierce but with a hint of stylish coolness. Looks sportier with a matte black finish like Black Opaco, complemented by side trim lines with white graphics. Help add details to the car And enhance the premium as well

And which is more special For those who have reserved this car Will receive a premium set of “Monochrome Premium Set” including

  • Helmet
  • Model name plate
  • Backpack bag
  • Black and white film camera
  • 3D vision camera
  • Face mask
  • Alcohol spray


Popular Vespa S scooters

The Vespa S is one of the camp’s most popular scooter models of all time. Combined with the Monochrome concept as the main theme of this special model, the Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition looks even more stylish.

The car features full LED headlights, both high beam and low beam. Mounted inside a black six-sided lamp that looks fierce With a short, dark windshield And round black exterior mirrors Make this car look dark and with the use of black color as the main Makes chrome parts like fastening bolts of the car’s accessories instantly stand out Make the car look better

Front design of the car body Featured with large tie bar The Vespa S has been specially designed to differentiate it from other Vespa models. The Vespa S model is a large tie. Details are played by a total of nine holes in the middle of the tie. And another 3 large slots that are played at small to large levels Around the lower end of the tie

The cheek part of the face set. It is part of Vespa’s uniquely designed turn signals with the brand logo on top

Front suspension Used as a single-arm hydraulic shock absorber. Brake system is used as a single disc brake, 1 pot brake pump.

The front wheels are 11 “alloy wheels with rubber bands 110 / 70-11 tubeless type.

The speedometer dial is divided into 2 parts, and the top is a classic style speedometer dial. A gauge with black background It is cut with a white background, making the black speed numbers stand out as well.

The digital gauge section below Provides general driving information needed. Including fuel gauge, trip handle and clock

With the right handlebar Includes engine start button And menu selection buttons on the speedometer

Dash the left hand. Consists of buttons for controlling various lighting systems Whether it is high beam / low beam, turn signal and horn.

The key system is a key chip to prevent theft. Comes with a retractable luggage hanger. The right side of the key compartment Will be a small hole It is large enough to hold 1 small bottle of water, and there is also a plate showing the car’s model name in this area.

On the left side there is a power outlet with one USB Type A port with a cover provided.

When looking at the side of the car You can see that the area of ​​the footrest is quite wide. The seat has a height of 785 mm.


The seat is a single seat, divided in 2 parts, separating the driver and the passenger. The seat height of the driver’s side is 785 mm with white stripes cut on the side of the seat. Add outstanding as well

The rear handlebar is made of high-gloss black metal, with the Vespa S logo on the rear and S125 plates on the side.

Storage compartment under the seat Large enough to fit comfortably in a half helmet. With a little luggage The fuel inlet Is also under the seat

Review of the Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition.

The Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition engine is powered by a 124.5cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-stroke, i-GET 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, 3-cylinder engine. Maximum power at 10.2 horsepower at 7,600 rev / min, maximum torque of 10.2 Nm at 6,000 rev / min.

Try riding the Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition.

In terms of driving the Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition, we had the opportunity to test drive the car for a full day, focusing on all urban driving routes. According to the style of this car.

The first touch I felt from this car was It is a very well balanced car. Has a very low center of gravity Due to the weight of the body of the vehicle is mostly steel. The weight of the vehicle is loaded onto the road quite a lot.

This affects the balance of the car that is quite easy to do. It makes it easy to wander through the gaps between cars in traffic congestion in the city. Or driving in relatively narrow paths such as parking lots along the mall Can be done easily As a result, driving in curves at speed with this car that can easily turn corners, turn the car quickly, this is a very impressive thing.

The power of the engine 125 cc Feeling that the car will climb speed very softly. No signs of jerk to make the head thrust to see each other easily And the late speed measured from the speedometer of the car It can flow up to 110 km / h ever. Even at speeds above 100 km / h, this car still provides good driving stability.

Engine habit The response is quite soft. It’s a habit, the engine is perfect for those who love to ride soft, smooth, but powerful enough to be able to maneuver in the city.

Car suspension Supplied to a soft level But not too soft Made to be soft, just right. Suitable for driving in every day, every occasion, personally I like this kind of emotional bottom. When combined with the center of gravity of the car is relatively low. This makes this one more fun ride in town.

Price Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition

Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition opens at a price of 104,900 baht, including VAT (VAT), registration fees and lost car insurance. Interested persons can ask for more information at LINE Official Account @vespathailand Ready to update the news of Vespa Thailand 10th anniversary at Or other news at   Official Vespa Society Thailand Facebook page and Instagram @vespathailand


Vespa S 125 i-Get Monochrome Special Edition Specs

engine 1 cylinder, SOHC, 4-stroke, 3-valve, air-cooled
Cylinder volume 124.5 cc
Maximum strength 10.2 horsepower at 7,600 rpm
Maximum torque 10.2 Nm at 6,000 rev / min.
gear CVT
Drive system belt

Car body

Front shock Single-arm hydraulic shock absorber
Rear shock Single shock absorber 4 levels of preload adjustment
Front brake Single disc brakes, size 200 mm., With ABS.
Rear brake Brake drum size 110 mm.
Front tire 110 / 70-11 tubeless
Rear tire 120 / 70-10 tubeless

Car dimension

Size Width x Length 705 x 1,770
Seat height 785 mm
Wheelbase 1,280 mm
Ready to use body weight 120 kg
Fuel capacity 7 liters


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