Vanderhall Navarro Is Now Called Brawley

Vanderhall Navarro Is Now Called Brawley

The US manufacturer Vanderhall was previously only known for its dynamic three-wheelers. A purely electrically powered off-roader that relies on four wheels is to come in 2022. It will change its name before the market launch and will soon be available for reservation.

Vanderhall Navarro Is Now Called Brawley

The new off-roader should actually go by the name Navarro. But shortly before Vanderhall opens the reservation list for the off-road jester (the time will come on July 15, 2021), the band from the US state of Utah gives their newcomer a new name. The four-wheel model is named Brawley. And also a little more power – at least in the top version.

The Vanderhall Brawley is powered by four electric motors – one for each wheel – and these are complete packages that also house gearboxes, inverters, brakes and cooling. The Americans originally called a power value of 300 hp. Now they even give 410 hp for the GTS variant. The maximum torque should be up to 651 Newton meters. The electronics can supply the motors individually with power in order to guarantee the maximum traction that is so important for off-road vehicles.

Enormous spring travel

18-inch rims fitted with coarse-tread 35-inch tires provide additional grip. The chassis works with struts, which allow a spring travel of 559 millimeters, and bypass shock absorbers. The four-wheel steering system guarantees the necessary maneuverability. A carbon brake system with ABS and recuperation brings deceleration values ​​at the highest level.

Vanderhall Navarro Is Now Called Brawley

The 300-volt on-board system relies on modular energy storage devices with a capacity of 40 to 60 kilowatt hours. The maximum range should be over 322 kilometers. Refueling is carried out using a six-kW on-board charger or a quick charger. The latter should be able to fill the battery made up of NMC pouch cells to up to 80 percent in under an hour.

The design? A Bronco Wrangler Mix!

The angular basic design of the Brawley is somewhat reminiscent of the new Ford Bronco. Whereby the Vanderhall has practically no overhangs and relies on large wheels – good for off-road capability. The wheels are more or less completely in the open despite the widened wheel arches. The roof of the two-door model, from which part can be removed, is black, while the main body of the car is set off in color. The doors have large openings. The front, equipped with LED headlights, seems to be based on the Jeep Wrangler.

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