Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

4x4s and SUVs have long been one of the fastest growing segments of the UK car market. To capitalise on this, manufacturers will launch a raft of new models over the next 18 months or so to fill every possible niche.

We’ve put together a list of the exciting new models coming to British roads. If you can’t wait for your new car, put your dream model in our car configurator to see what savings can be made.

Audi Q1/Q2

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Audi is lining up to tackle the small crossover market with a competitor for the Nissan Juke. Called either Q1 or Q2, it’ll probably be based on a version of the Audi A3’s platform and Audi is hoping the new model proves to be as successful as its Q3, Q5 and Q7 bigger brothers. Expect it to cost from around £20,000 when it goes on sale in 2016.

Audi Q5

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The new Q5 – due next year – should turn up the heat considerably and bring the fight to rivals including the impressive Mercedes GLC. The current Audi Q5 has been a big success for the German giant, with sales remaining strong despite its advancing years. We expect the new one to be revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2016.

If you like the current Q5, grab one while you can with our Audi Q5 configurator.

Bentley Bentayga

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Many thought Bentley was taking a gamble when it announced its intention to build an SUV – especially after unfavourable reception to the concept car. However, Bentayga sales are scheduled to begin very soon and first reviews have been very favourable. A 6.0-litre W12 engine, off-road skills to rival a Range Rover and an opulent interior mean it’ll be priced from around £160,000.


Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale
The X7 will be based on a stretched X5

BMW has announced its intention to build an SUV larger than the X5. Called the X7, it will rival the likes of the new Mercedes GLS in terms of size and prestige. The X7 should be similar to its smaller brother and will probably be based on a stretched platform offering equally impressive road manners. We expect to see the big BMW sometime in 2017 priced from around £70,000.

Ford Edge

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The Ford Edge is a large five-seat SUV that’s sold pretty well in the USA since its launch in 2007. As part of the ‘One Ford‘ policy, the new model has been earmarked for sale in the UK and the rest of Europe in early 2016. Being both handsome and reasonably affordable, the Edge should appeal to those looking for a premium car with more pedestrian prices — expected to be around £30,000.

Infiniti QX30

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The new Infiniti QX30 is a crossover in a similar vein to the Mercedes GLA — both are based on the same platform and share the same engine range. The Infiniti has more extroverted looks and arguably a less premium badge, but it’ll be made in the UK and wear a lower price-tag than its German counterpart. We’re predicting prices around £25,000 when it goes on sale in mid-2016.

Kia Niro

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Kia has hinted at a hybrid crossover model similar to the Nissan Qashqai. In theory, the Niro – as it’s currently known – could be a massive success when launched next year. A rough price of around £25,000 has been mooted, but it remains to be seen what the car actually looks like.

Kia Sportage

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The new Kia Sportage was revealed some time ago but won’t go on sale in the UK until spring 2016. It’s more aggressively styled than its predecessor but Kia will be hoping the new model continues to sell strongly. Expect improved interior quality and more efficient engines shared with the Hyundai Tuscon with which the Sportage shares a platform.

Check out the deals on the outgoing Kia Sportage with our car configurator.

Jaguar F-Pace

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Jaguar’s much-anticipated F-Pace is finally set to hit British roads early in 2016. The new model could end up being the company’s biggest success story being economical, not too expensive and with looks that could kill. The F-Pace could be yours from next spring if you have the £35,000 entry price.

Our Jaguar F-Pace configurator is already live, so go and check it out to see for yourself.

Land Rover Discovery 5

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale
Styling cues will be borrowed from the Discovery Vision concept

The upcoming replacement for the Discovery is a vitally important model for Land Rover. It’s predicted to share styling cues with the smaller Discovery Sport but will be larger, boxier and more upmarket inside. We expect to see the new car debut towards the end of 2016, before going on sale shortly afterward.

If you love the old-school approach of the current Land Rover Discovery, use our configurator to see how much you can save while you still can!

Lexus RX

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The new Lexus RX is an important car for the Japanese manufacturer and is its top-selling model globally, accounting for around 30% of allies sales. The new version is a lot more dramatically styled than the old car, and takes inspiration inside and out from the smaller Lexus NX crossover. It’s a little cheaper too, because there’s now a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine in addition to a hybrid option available from early next year.

We’ve just set our our new Lexus RX configurator, so take a look and check out the new car.

Maserati Levante

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Maserati has set out a plan to seriously increase sales over the next few years, and its first ever crossover, the Levante, is a major part of this. Originally thought to share a platform with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s now been revealed that the new model will be based on the Quattroporte saloon in order to get more car-like dynamics. Expect dramatic styling, V8 engines and a price of around £60,000 for this Porsche Cayenne rival.

Mercedes GLC Coupe

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Mercedes‘ new GLC SUV has had a warm reception since it launched earlier in 2015, and with the first models reaching dealerships there’s also the prospect of a coupe version arriving late next year. Built to rival the BMW X4, the GLC Coupe should effectively be a smaller version of the GLE Coupe, just cheaper and more economical — expect prices to begin around £38,000.

If you can’t wait for the coupe, then take a look at the savings available on the standard model, with our Mercedes GLC configurator.

Mercedes GLS

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The new GLS is actually just a facelift of the previous GL, with the extra ‘S’ to bring it in sync with Mercedes‘ new naming structure and the flagship S-Class. The big SUV is a rival  to the Range Rover and Audi Q7, but is heavily based on the smaller GLE — so a comfortable ride and luxurious cabin are a given. Prices have risen quite steeply, around £8,000 over the old car, and you can order yours very soon for delivery early next year.

Mini Countryman

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale
The new model will feature an evolution of the current version’s styling

The next Mini Countryman is a year or so off, but we expect it to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September. Based on the same platform as the BMW X1 and 2 Series Active Tourer, the Mini will be bigger than the reasonably compact current generation and, as a result, there’s likely to be a small increase in prices. Still there should be a welcome increase in interior space and quality.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The Range Rover Evoque has been a massive hit for the British manufacturer, with sales figures surpassing even the most optimistic Land Rover executive’s wildest dreams. The Convertible model aims at capitalising on this popularity by upping the exclusivity factor — prices from £47,000 will see to that, but expect the new model to be a common sight in well-heeled areas by next summer.

If you’d prefer your Evoque with a solid roof, then check out our Range Rover Evoque configurator to see how much you can save on the regular model.

SEAT 20V20

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Surprisingly little is known about SEAT’s new SUV, despite it having been on the cards for a long time now. Based heavily on the same platform as the new Volkswagen Tiguan (see below), SEAT will likely sprinkle a little of its Spanish flair on the design and driving experience. Expect the usual range of diesel and petrol engines and prices to begin at around £20,000 when it finally goes on sale late next year.

Tesla Model X

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

The Tesla Model X is an American crossover that runs exclusively on electric power. Despite its eco-friendly powertrain, it has a range of over 250 miles and catapults to 60mph from rest in under four seconds. Like the Model S saloon, the X should appeal to green-minded families who love the high-tech cabin. With prices close to £70,000, however, only wealthy families need apply.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale

Volkswagen will be pinning its sales hopes on its new Tiguan SUV following a very difficult period. Based on the MQB platform, we expect better fuel economy and a more refined driving experience compared to the popular outgoing model. We predict prices will be around £23,000 for base models, but that could climb quite quickly and even further for the rumoured seven seat variant.

You can still save money on the outgoing Volkswagen Tiguan with our configurator.

Volvo XC60

Upcoming 4x4s and SUVs going on sale
We expect styling to be bolder than the current version

Volvo is aiming to update all its current cars to bring them in line with the new XC90 by the end of 2017. The current XC60 is a top seller across the globe so the pressure is on to repeat the success. It’s expected to be based on the brand’s SPA Platform so the new SUV will be more efficient than ever and even safer, too. Its styling will be heavily influenced by the XC90 and new S90 so it could be a strong contender for class honours.

The current model will be around for a little while yet so use our Volvo XC60 configurator to grab a bargain.

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