Unveiling The Lamborghini Centenario Roadster

This is finally the Roadster version of the very exclusive Lamborghini Centenario, which will be sold over 2 million euros per unit.  Lamborghini’s Centenario Roadster has made its first public appearance today in Pebble Beach.

Just unveiled during Monterey Car Week is the incredibly anticipated Lamborghini Centenario Roadster. On Lamborghini’s website, the automaker goes into brief detail on the new car, detailing everything from its exterior to its engine.

The company built the Centenario Coupe and Roadster to celebrate founder Ferrucio Lamborghini’s 100th birthday. Based on the Aventador chassis, both variants boast unique bodywork crafted from carbon fiber.

Designers developed a new silver exterior color, Argento Centenario, that will be exclusive to the roadster edition. The matte finish is said to have required a new process that helped diminish the appearance of the metal grains for a silkier texture.

The company suggests engineers performed additional aerodynamic studies for the roadster, refining the windshield shape to reduce turbulence inside the cabin. Air is deflected round and above occupants’ heads, optimizing ventilation to maintain comfort as the sun shines through.

The Raging Bull’s iconic V12 has been retuned to deliver 759 horsepower, redlining at 8,600 rpm. Drivers can expect to be launched from a stop to 62 mph in just 2.9 seconds, just a tenth of a second slower than the slightly lighter hardtop edition.

The Monterey Car Week is an ideal venue for an ultra-exclusive open-top supercar. A few of the 20-unit production run will likely find homes not far away, as California’s convertible-friendly climate has attracted the highest number of billionaires in the US.

A few Pebble Beach visitors may be disappointed to learn that Lamborghini quickly sold the entire Centenario production run before the cars were shown to the public.




The exterior is finished in a specially developed paint by Lamborghini called “Argento Centenario,” a matte finish that was created through a process that dissolves “the metal while diluting and diminishing the appearance of the metal grain giving it a silky and rich exterior finish. Inside is a cabin that has been optimized for a top-down drive. A  channel in the rear wall allows air to flow from the cabin to the rear with minimal turbulence in the cabin.

Customers will be able to customize their supercars to any color and finish, including carbon fiber, offered in the Ad Personam personalization collection. Although it’s more expensive, it’s equally as exclusive as the coupe version. Only 20 copies of the roadster will be made, and all of them have been sold. Deliveries will run through 2017.

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