Toyota vs Volkswagen Sales : Toyota More Profitable Than Volkswagen

Toyota vs Volkswagen Sales : Toyota More Profitable Than Volkswagen – The world’s largest car manufacturer from Japan expected a massive net profit of almost 16 billion euros in 2014. The increase to the previous year is mainly based on a currency effect. In terms of profit, Toyota further rushes off to his German rival.

New Record turnover and profit

At a slightly higher sales target of EUR 201 billion for the fiscal year 2014, which runs until the end of March, and a pre-tax profit of nearly 22 billion the Japanese group would depend significantly rivals Volkswagen both the operating margin and the net return. The Japanese in the same paragraph and despite rising capital expenditure and development expenses create their new record sales and earnings.

Specifically: With an operating margin of 10% and a net return of 7.9% would Toyota according to the new forecast reputation as profitabelster mass producers expand. Volkswagen came in the nine months between January and September on a margin of surgically 6.4 percent. The core brand, VW managed surgically just 2.3 percent. Per vehicle earns around four times as much Toyota compared to VW’s core brand.

Currency effect by Yen weakness

In the third quarter between October and December over 14 per cent flowed at Toyota with NET 4.5 billion euros more than in the previous year in the box office – and that, although the own sales decreased in this period by 2.3 percent or 54 000 units to 2,263 million vehicles. Only in conjunction with (small cars) Daihatsu and Hino (commercial vehicles), the quantity by 1.8 percent increased to 2,615 million units.

The yen caused the surge in profit. The effect was almost twice as strong as the impact of cost savings in the third quarter. Like the other car makers in Japan, Toyota does not use the currency weakness to price reductions, but posted higher revenue and income at the repatriation. The Group produces a third of its cars in Japan and exported 55 percent of it.

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