Toyota Prius 2016 Review, Fewer calories, more flavor

Toyota Prius 2016 Review, Fewer calories, more flavor

Toyota Prius 2016 Review. Both sober and more enjoyable than its predecessor, the new Prius is like a sugar-free soda that would preserve the flavor of the original: Can not believe it until you have tasted.

Just a few tens of kilometers to persuade the engineers designing the fourth generation of the Toyota Prius have not been content to meet the wishes of its loyal users. This time, they heard the grievances of miscreants who criticize the most famous of its hybrid leadership too soft and the placidity of its road behavior.

Toyota Prius 2016 Review, Fewer calories, more flavor

Fans of the model is expected that the new version exceeds its predecessor in sobriety. It’s a habit with the Prius. But they also demanded a more polished inside, with safety equipment and comfort last page. Granted. The new Prius addresses shortcomings that we can not tolerate in an ordinary family sedan, let alone in a car that claims to prefigure the future since 1997.

The Prius is now able to detect obstacles in all directions, read the signs, only to park, play the accordion for you in traffic and charge your phone simply by induction . So many miracles authorized by sensors whose number increased from nine to Twenty Two.

Finally a frame height

Toyota Prius 2016 Review, Fewer calories, more flavor

The Prius was less expected in the field of driving pleasure. Those who saw it as proof that the traveling pleasure and virtue does not mix can sheathe their prejudices: it is now fun to throw the Prius corner to corner. A peak for this turn-off skates, good car -conscience par excellence.

Toyota was the first to benefit from the virtuous image of the Prius to tint green its image and to forget that it is the first 4×4 manufacturer in the world. Awareness of the Prius has a price, however: it maintains the idea that all Toyota are in the image of his conduct tasteless.

This is especially true in the US, the largest market for the Prius. In this era of cheap fuel, the asceticism of the Japanese hybrid passes for masochism in automobile eyes tempted by one of these fashionable SUV.Which do not carry all the brand Toyota.

Ah! It seems a long time where everyone dreamed of imitating the spirited Leonardo DiCaprio and help to save the planet by offering a Prius. Marty McFly and his hoverboard could get dressed: the future had arrived in one day in 2001. Fifteen years later, we cross it at every street corner. And this is the anonymous citizen, the adept killjoy of the decay that goes to work driving a Prius that has lost the attraction of novelty.

Do not laugh, love lost between the Americans and the Prius is real. To try to dust off the image of his favorite model, Toyota has cracked a commercial (above) released during the final of the American football championship, the famous Super Bowl. It met the owner-type Prius as imagines the average American: a modest office worker pale complexion, old boy kisses his cat before diving into congestion in the morning. To believe this scenario courageously lucid and full of self-mockery, thePrius would be the defenders of driving pleasure that the PC was the fans of Macintosh : an efficient machine without fancy.

The film ends with a miracle: the puny hero comes to life and demonstrates to anyone who will listen that the conduct of the Prius provides other satisfactions than burn a little less oil than its neighbor.

Waiting to see if this humorous campaign will have a beneficial effect on the image of the model, Toyota has thought it necessary to bring from 350,000 to 300,000 copies the sales target annual all-new Prius. It’s a hundred thousand less than the outgoing model at the peak of his career.Hard.

The Toyota Prius is not ugly, it suffers a hard physique. Shade.

Encased in this dress too tight, the Prius might wither. . Toyota has begun by him draw a new, shining brightly discretion lovers, go your way : with its plunging nose and protruding hips, Prius IV swear on the boulevards than any of its predecessors.

Shy reassure customers by saying that nothing – or almost – is not free in this body whose slightest facet contributes to facilitate the flow of the wind speed. Though the rival Hyundai Ioniq achieves the same record drag coefficient of Cd 0.24 with a more conventional style. Only the choppy drawing flagship reports to the designer’s whim. They frame a mouth closes for faster engine warm-up in the morning, just to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Toyota Prius 2016 Review, Fewer calories, more flavor

Toyota Announces appetite average in the combined cycle of 3.0 l / 100 km for emissions of 70 g / km of CO2 (76 g / km CO2 and 3.3 l / 100 km with the wheel 17 rather than 15 inches ). This earned him an environmental bonus of 750 euros in 2016. Officially, in the space of a generation, the Prius has  diminished his appetite 0.9 l / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 19 g / km.

Although these figures remain theoretical. The Volkswagen scandal has raised public awareness of the limitations NEDC cycle. In our hands, the consumption of the Prius is output to 4.7 l / 100 km at a very slow pace (average 60 km / h over 180 km). To believe the trip computer, 35% of this distance was covered engine coupe. By adopting a more nervous driving style, this proportion fell to 19%, for a consumption of 5.4 l / 100 km (66 km / h average).

Anyway, the Prius can be proud to own with its 1.8 VVT-i Atkinson cycle the best thermal efficiency for a petrol engine mass production (40%, not far from a Diesel). This is the fruit of careful stalking frictional losses sources and improved recirculation of cooled exhaust gases which increases the ignition advance and open the throttle for more reduce pumping losses. The transmission itself contributes to the simplicity of the assembly by swapping one of its epicyclic train by a set of more conventional gears.

More silence but not more autonomy

When we wanted a compliment to the previous Prius, it was said that everything in it, incited relaxation. Polite way of saying that the slightest hint sport was sanctioned by the complaints of its engine , exposed to an automatic transmission as little warning as the drive of a Moped.

With the new Prius, the 4-cylinder still screams when crushed the accelerator side, but he wakes up a little later due to an electric motor that provides less powerful but quicker assistance. Above all, we hear less explosions of air-fuel mixture. Much less. This is due to advances in soundproofing of the cabin, the extent of which can be compared to the introduction of local anesthetic injections in dental offices. The surgeon did not work faster, but its patients take their troubles patiently.

Although this is unfair. The Prius is certainly not a bludgeon machine kicked in the ass but its acceleration are nothing ridiculous (0 to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds). Despite a deficit of 14 horses in combined power (electric gasoline), the new Toyota pulls silently to green light with a vigor that was unknown to his senior. This progress can be explained by the ability of the battery to deliver faster its current, where extra power to the motor-generator. Thanks to its higher energy density , the battery has seen its size reduced by 10% for the same storage capacity (1.3 kWh).Best recharging accelerated by 28% to take advantage of any slowdown in car and ride longer in all-electric mode.

Toyota Prius 2016 Review, Fewer calories, more flavor

In this chapter, the Prius IV does no better than the old. In EV mode, it only covers 2-3 km 60 km / h max (often much less). However, it is capable of spinning (very) briefly to 110 km / h when the driver takes his foot on a false flat. To go further would require more storage or switch to lithium-ion cells that equal volumes contain more current than the elements nickel metal.

This change should give birth in a few months to a variant rechargeable on the sector . ” This new Prius Plug-In should cost between eight and ten thousand euros more ,” predicts Ludovic Billiet, Marketing Director at Toyota France.

Comfort worthy of a family

Comfort has also significantly improved from one generation to another.Very flexible, the suspension has an effective damping that savings in the throes of a Prius too pronounced roll. Even pavement tires 17 inches, the Toyota maintains the vertebrae of its occupants.

The inclination flag lowered to 2 cm could be feared insufficient space height at the back. In the end, only more than 1.80 meters must kowtow.Contour seats offer better support to the front and a more flattering appearance but the seat seemed to us too flat for long. The trunk grows insignificantly.

The 163 Nm of torque are not likely to spill over the front wheels, now very well guided. They are further aided by a novel multi-link rear suspension , trademark of the modular platform tnga ( Toyota New Global Architecture ) which lowers the center of gravity and provide the basis for countless other Toyota in the coming years.

The new agility of the Prius does not equal that of the 308 but if his sister was Toyota Auris progress in equal proportions, it would fill up on his fellow Honda Civic and Mazda3.

To achieve this, the Auris will ensure implanted below the electric motor support its management. The Prius, it spoils too the road feedback.

More expensive but better equipped

The Prius has matured, it is undeniable. The neater appearance of the materials from its dashboard as his sound and his new agility prove it. For the first time, the Prius really gives the feeling of belonging to the category of family more than that of urban women.

This upmarket obviously has a price, Toyota France justified by a significant increase in the standard specification. From the entry level billed 30,400 euros (1,000 euros more in 15-inch or 1.500 euros more and 17 inches), the Dynamic Prius provides among other notables equipment reversing camera with 7 inch touch screen, the charger induction, the HUD, the presence detector in the blind spot, detection of movement in the back, the pedestrian detection, maintaining online and fatigue detection, auto play panels and adaptive cruise control.

Toyota Prius 2016 Review

Toyota Prius (2016)
from 30,400 euros to 33,700 euros (70 and 76 g / km CO2)
Most Road behavior transfigured
comfort and soundproofing improved significantly
Total power down but preserved verve
official record consumption of 3.0 l / 100 km
hitch now allowed
least Direction silent
a little simplistic chairs for a family
entry ticket more expensive (but more equipment provided)
A delicate aesthetic to assume?
“Comfort 5/5
“Price / amenities 3/5
“Performances 3/5
“consumption 5/5
“CO2 5/5

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