Toyota Mirai 2020, the hydrogen car will receive a major update, Release Date, Etc

Toyota has decided that the time has come to update its popular hydrogen car. Toyota Mirai 2020 will receive a major update next year that will allow it to update both aesthetically and technologically. The objective? Encourage sales of this interesting electric car.

Toyota Mirai 2020, the hydrogen car will receive a major update

The Toyota Mirai is news again. After announcing the price it will have in the Spanish market, Toyota\’s hydrogen car returns to the front page due to the company’s plans for this model. And, although the official marketing in Spain of Mirai has not yet started, the time has come to be updated with a relevant update.

The current generation, the first, has already entered its fifth year of commercial life. After taking approximately half a decade in liza and despite the fact that the offer of this type of vehicles is very scarce, the sense of antiquity is taking over the possible buyers of this model. So far this year, the monthly sales of Toyota Mirai have stood at 40 units .

Toyota expects sales to be encouraged with an update. The launch of the new Toyota Mirai 2020 is set for early summer 2020 . The debut will coincide with the celebration of the Tokyo Olympics. However, to know it, we will have to wait much less, since it has set its debut for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show that will open its doors next October.

Beyond sales, which are not bad if we consider the market share of hydrogen vehicles, it seems strange that Toyota has already decided to upgrade its fuel cell car. Recall that the only rivals he must deal with in the market are the Hyundai Nexo and the Honda Clarity FCV . When the launch of the Mirai was launched, the brand was surprised with the great demand, generating a waiting list of a year and a half.

The Toyota Mirai is based on the Lexus HS, a vehicle that is no longer for sale. This, coupled with the need to improve driving assistance technologies in safety, is driving the development of the new model. Will use the TNGA platform , so we are not facing a face lift . It is about the development of a new generation . A totally new model.

Thanks to the use of the aforementioned platform, the electric motor can be moved to the rear axle, which will make the Toyota Mirai a rear-wheel drive vehicle. It will also increase its size, exceeding the 5 meter long barrier . This will allow the installation of larger tanks to store hydrogen and, in addition, to improve the space in the rear seats.

The design of the new Toyota Mirai is already finished . It will adopt a more stylized and dynamic image. It will also denote a certain stately aspect. It will be markedly different from other models that make up the Toyota range . He will continue playing the trick of differentiated product.

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