Toyota GT86 2017

Toyota GT86 2017 Specs, Review, Details

The Toyota GT86 is a four-seater coupe (the two small rear) and two doors. It measures 4.24 meters in length, 1.78 meters in width and 1.29 meters in height. It has a 200- horsepower petrol boxer engine and rear-wheel drive. Replaces the Toyota GT86 2012 .

It is on sale for 32 990 euros with a manual gearbox of six speeds and for 34 990 euros with an automatic of identical number of relations ( all prices ). With the automatic is less speed and less fuel (comparative tab ), although the manual better home with the approach of the car.

The Toyota GT86 is slightly more expensive than the Subaru BRZ (which is practically the same car as the Toyota). It is cheaper than a BMW 2 Series  220i Coupé and, above all, that an  Audi TT  1.8 TFSI; A  Volkswagen Scirocco  2.0 TSI is more economical ( comparative tab ). The Nissan 370Z costs the same as the Toyota, with an engine that exceeds that of the GT86 in 128 horses ( comparative tab ). None of these possible rivals, with the exception of the BRZ, transmit to their driver similar driving sensations.

Toyota GT86 2017

Toyota has made changes in the suspension and in the bodywork (in the section of  Technical information  we give more details) and they have had effect. In my view, this GT86 has reactions that are easier to control and more progressive than the previous one. And all this helps the driver have better sensations. The 200 hp engine and gearboxes remain unchanged.

Now it seems a full car for lovers of great sensations behind the wheel. It is a vehicle that connects its user with driving in a way that today, with few exceptions, seems almost forgotten. Its sporting side is not incompatible with a certain economy in the daily use, since its consumption of fuel is not high (combining routes by city and highway at a normal rate, can lower of 10 liters. Drive smoothly). Unlike other sports cars that have very large tires (both width and diameter) and costly, the GT86 has some moderate dimensions (215/45 R17) which are also not sporty (Michelin Primacy HP). In paragraph Driving Impressions more information.

The seats are very close to the ground and that makes it difficult to access the interior if you do not have a minimum of agility. Once inside, you have more sense of light and space than an Audi TT because there is more glass around, because the roof uprights are narrower and because the edge of the windows is not very high with respect to the driver’s trunk And companion. Inside the GT86 there is plenty of room for a person of at least 1.80 meters. The roof is not too close to the head (it has more headroom than many coupes and much more than some convertibles like the Mazda MX5 ) and the width is enough so that the occupants do not bother each other or rub with their shoulders and elbows On the doors.

If the driver’s seat occupied by a person of 1.80 meters, the back of his backrest is practically glued to the back seat bench. There is no possibility, therefore, that someone occupy that back seat. The front passenger, however, can go more ahead than the driver, because it has a relatively deep tunnel where to put the legs. Thanks to this, if it advances its seat (at least, of its comfort), behind is a minimum site for a third occupant ( picture of the subsequent places ).

Toyota GT86 2017

The trunk has 243 liters of capacity and regular shapes. It is relatively usable because the mouth of charge is not small ( image ) and its interior is regular. If more cargo space is needed, the back of the rear seats ( image  and image ) can be folded down , resulting in a flat loading surface of 135 centimeters. In the Impressions section of the interior  of the Toyota GT86 2012 there is more information on how the interior is.

Toyota has slightly updated interior of the GT86 2017, but retains its simple vehicle essence. While many manufacturers increasingly have more showy elements inside their vehicles, Toyota follows another path. The GT86 has few distractions and adornments. The few available controls can be manipulated without looking at them. The center screen is moderately sized (the largest possible measures 6.1 inches from end to end). Optionally you can order a navigation system with which you have three years of updated maps and online services (Toyota Touch 2 & GO). The GT86 is made for the driver to focus on what should be their main task. In fact, in sports driving, it is not even necessary to look at the instrumentation to choose the optimum moment to change gears,

In this simplicity, the quality perceived in the passenger compartment is greater than in the previous model thanks to the use of materials with better appearance and touch in the trim of the doors and in the upper part of the dashboard. In addition, Toyota has installed a wheel 3 mm smaller (has 362 mm, image ) and lightweight with integrated controls for managing the various functions of the sound system (in the previous model was no button, image ) and whose Central part has the 86 logo. The dashboard has a color screen of 4.2 inches that can be controlled from the steering wheel controls and presents information that was previously unavailable, such as an acceleration chart,

Toyota GT86 2017

The main design changes of the GT86 2017 are focused on the front, where the headlamps are new – now perform their functions through ledes, image -, the bumper and the grill. In the rear are also new pilots – also with ledes, image – and the bumper. In addition, there is a new model of alloy wheels and the spoiler of the trunk lid has a different design.

In our insurance comparator car we have calculated the price of a blanket insurance policy without excess for Toyota 86. The policyholder is a 38-year-old person who lives in Madrid and has been without a party to his previous insurance company for more than 10 years. This person travels only 8000 kilometers with the car, which saves in a collective garage. With these characteristics, the cheapest price is offered by Mapfre for 642 euros (this policy has a quality of 7.23 points out of 10, information on what aspects are taken into account when assessing the quality of a policy).

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