New Toyota Celica Will Revive? Specs, Price & Details

Toyota Celica Will Revive? Will it be an SUV?

According to colleagues at CarBuzz, Toyota filed a new application on January 15 to register the Celica name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

New Toyota Celica Will Revive? Specs, Price & Details

The request does not explicitly mean that a new Toyota Celica is on the home straight. Indeed it is unlikely . It is really difficult that in the minds of Toyota engineers there could be a new sports car given the presence of Supra and GT86 already in the range, but the Celica name could give life to … a compact SUV , undergoing the same metamorphosis that characterized the return of the Eclipse on the market , which became an SUV Coupe taking the name of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ( by chance someone also said Ford Puma ?? ).

New Toyota Celica Will Revive? Specs, Price & Details

Another theory, perhaps closer to reality, is that Toyota does not want to lose the rights to the Celica name , continuing to retain ownership of the name and periodically requesting registration, an act that took place more recently in 2017 . Like Toyota, Ford also recently revamped the Thunderbird branding and has done so several times over the past few years, but there has been no indication that a new Thunderbird is in the works.

Yet … in 2018, in an interview with Road & Track in 2018, Masayuki Kai, assistant chief engineer for the production of Toyota Supra, stated that the Japanese company wanted to bring Celica back to the market to create an all-wheel drive sports car , so to differentiate it from the Supra and the GT86 but, to do so, it would have needed a further partnership, just like the Toyota Supra with BMW and Subaru for the GT86.

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