Toyota C-HR Review & Test: Hybrid with style

Toyota launches the C-HR, for “Off High Rider.” He goes face Stars segment, especially the Nissan Juke, with weapons unique to the brand, including a hybrid engine.

exterior styling

The manufacturer made a splash in this market where it was not present, with a particularly demonstrative design. The front shield with a very dynamic and very sharp lights, make the C-HR recognizable beast of all. The chiseled profile appears to be in the same vein. As for the rear, the most debatable part in terms of design, it emphasizes its sporty exacerbated. It shows the least tortured, with an elegance which we can call on. He probably found its followers, but also its critics. It will in any case its owners to differentiate.


Toyota C-HR : interior design and equipment

On board the C-HR exhibits a dashboard which is not austere. There is first of all this colored band running along the door and against the dashboard, almost in one piece, which includes the large 8-inch touch screen that sits high. While the trend slowly appears headed all digital, there is nothing here. Finishing, clearly up compared to what we usually see in Toyota, is undeniably part of its good points. Question equipment, either for comfort or driving aids, again it is full, and gives a serious blow to the old general who have not refreshed or renewed their models. It feels more comfortable in this space, and even the back of the seats at the ends. And given the profile, this is rather a surprise. In contrast to the boot, with 377 liters, it is a bad student of its market.



Is recovered for pulling the same hybrid transmission chain than the Prius. It therefore logically entitled to 122 hp offered by the combination of both engines, gasoline and electric.This will suffice for most of its customers, but we can not help in increasing demand. At the wheel, nothing really different than any other hybrid. It starts gently before enough heat quickly come to join in the party to take the lead. We especially appreciate the help smooth at every start, especially in town where we adopt a smooth driving. However, still it is difficult to appreciate the feel of the brake pedal. A badly needed today for regeneration, and we regret it. Moreover, despite progress on the clean e-CVT to group hybrids, at the touch of over voluntarily on the accelerator pedal, the patina and leave rev up the engine. Therefore, the speed cravings show limited.

On the road

In terms of behavior, crates movements are particularly well contained. However, this comes at the price of a firm that could alienate fans of comfort. We will support it, but accept that others do better on this point. Revance in the C-HR demonstrated a rigor that can least bear the rolling or pitching, and therefore significantly improves the dynamic driving. See you in fact especially frustrated not therefore have a more expressive drive to better enjoy. It hurt even to believe that it is the same platform as the Prius, where the feeling is quite different behind the wheel. And at highway speed, there was an acoustic discomfort due to aerodynamics that should be a little more careful to remove this inconvenience. Actually, we experienced more pleasure to briefly drive the gasoline version, which appears more homogeneous us. However, again, the hybrid C-HR remains intractable in terms of fuel economy.


Price and Conclusion

Its kind, this new crossover Toyota has a little more sex appeal than a Kia Niro. Sporty style can convince, in addition to its drivetrain that have still struggling to provide the most competitive for this type of car, and that this view is perhaps still rely too much on their acquired. A 28 000 with its twin engines and already a good supply equipment, it does not prove so expensive. And if you want to enjoy the € 750 bonus, you have to hurry, because this advantage will disappear on 1 st of January.

Photos: auto blog

+ demonstrative style
Sobriety in town
Perceived quality up
slightly firm damping
Felt transmission under hard acceleration
Small chest


Toyota hybrid C-HR
Type and location 4-cylinder gasoline engine and electric
Displacement (cm3) 1798
(KW / hp) 90/122 in 5200 (combined)
Torque (Nm) 142-3600
WD integral
Gearbox e-CVT (epicyclic)
front suspension MacPherson
rear suspension Double wishbone
brakes ventilated discs front / rear discs
Wheels and Tires 215 / 65R17
Maximum speed (km / h) 170
0 to 100 km / h (s) 11
urban cycle (l / 100 km) 3.4
extra-urban cycle (l / 100 km) 3.8
combined cycle (l / 100 km) 3.8
CO2 (g / km) 86
Length (mm) 4360
Width (mm) 1795
Height (mm) 1565
Wheelbase (mm) 2640
Trunk volume (l) 377
Tank (s) 43
Empty Weight (kg) 1420

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