Toyota - 95 corolla starter Problem

Toyota – 95 corolla starter Problem

Does anyone have problems with their 95 corolla starter in the cold where it sounds like it\’s stuck and you hear a buzz from it? I have to keep tapping the ignition and finally it would crank over. Does it sometimes not all the time. Seems to happen when it\’s cold outside. Thanks

95 corolla starter

Answer :

Very typical symptoms for the starter going bad – although it could also possibly be bad battery or ignition switch or cables to the starter.

Options would be either to remove the starter and have it tested or just replace it and see if that cures the problem.

My battery from 07 so I believe it\’s time. But I\’m willing to bet it\’s my battery cables. I see corrosion in them. How hard are they to replace them? Are the cables better to get from the dealer? Just seems like the starter has a binding noise like it\’s jammed. Only does it once in a while in the cold. I know it did it last year but a few times. I\’m looking into a refurbished battery from interstate for less than 30 bucks never had any issues with them. Thanks for the reply.

I\’ve got no help on the starter, as I\’ve not had any trouble yet, but, wow, you have a working 8 year old battery? You really got your money\’s worth! Granted, I\’ve never bought the top of the line, since I never kept cars that long. I\’ve lost far more batteries from \’sitting,\’ as opposed to using them up.

Had the car for a little over a year and that\’s what it had. I would like to put a bigger battery.

Mine is from May of \’08! It\’s a Toyota battery. Seems fine, never misses a beat. I need to pull it out and clean it and the terminals, as I have a hesitation between turning the key, and the starter cranking. Hopefully it\’s just the connection at the battery, I don\’t feel like pulling that starter out of there.

Back in April of \’08 I bought a Mercury Topaz and it had a NAPA “Select” or “Legend” battery (I forget which, but it was a good one) which was from late \’07. I used that battery in at least four other cars, and it was still working perfectly when it was stolen out of my convertible, in late 2013. I was really wanting to see how long it would last.

My battery from 07 so I believe it\’s time. But I\’m willing to bet it\’s my battery cables. I see corrosion in them.

Corrosion=BAD! If you can clean off the terminals you may solve your problem. If the corrosion is seeping down the cable it may be harder to correct.

Cold weather needs more amperage. If it cant flow out of the battery, it wont start.

Cold weather reduces amperage available, so if you battery is marginal, you wont get a start.

Check your options and make wise decisions.

Yeah, I am a slacker and let batteries die an early death. I put one in my motorhome last year, used it ONCE to transport it to another location, and meant to put it on a trickle charger. I didn\’t. I have two trickle chargers, but have yet to use one. I\’m sure the motorhome battery is shot by now. Same thing with my work van. Brand new battery, but let it sit. I feel like kicking my own A! Same thing with my Jeep. I\’m currently going through $300 in batteries a year, just because I\’m lazy.

Ya may look into changing the cables cause it has some corrosion in the insulation of the wire. But the starter sounded like it was jammed cause I heard a buzzing or humming nose behind the engine where the starter is. I will clean my terminals and put some of that protector gel and see what happens.

I replaced a battery in a Miata late 2014. Utterly toast, couldn\’t be jump started. It was from 03 I think, OE Mazda battery with a 2003 sticker.

If the vehicle is going to sit, then I\’d just as soon disconnect the battery. Even better is to bring the battery inside where it can stay at room temperature. And not sitting directly on a cold garage or basement floor… If the floor gets cold enough, it will drag/conduct most of the battery down to that temperature. Then the battery might as well be outside in <40ºF conditions.

One winter I was close to having trouble starting my car in single-digit sub-freezing temps, so I brought the battery inside overnight a couple of times, and the warm battery cranked the cold-ass engine over better than if I\’d left it out there.

Something to think about and further discuss…

There was someone on here in the last year or so, who claimed to still be rocking the original battery in their (probably late) 7th gen!!! I think I politely doubted – a few of us probably did – but he swore it was true. I still think it had had a battery change he didn\’t know about, but what do I know?

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