Top 5 low-profile Vans for spring 2021

Top 5 low-profile Vans for spring 2021

When it comes to leisure vehicles, there is something for all tastes, all budgets and all uses. But without going overboard, just to be able to get behind the wheel of one of the five models that we have selected for you. And to start spring 2021 under the best auspices.


Top 5 low-profile Vans for spring 2021


Here is a compact campervan that is not afraid of anything. And, which sports a very nice, more rootsy look. In terms of size, the German Campeo 4×4, 5.41 m long and only 2.05 m wide, will be able to play with the city and steeper paths with its four-wheel traction signed by specialist Dangel. A 4×4 slip-on viscoupler transmission that has electric traction control on all four wheels (coupled to ESP). In the cabin, there is a large rear bed for two adults while a pop-up roof, allowing two additional beds, is possible but only as an option. The German Bürstner Campeo 4×4 van starts at € 53,690.



Not really a converted van but not more a pure motorhome, the Chausson Combo X550 skillfully mixes genres. In short, the perfect combination of the agility of a van and the comfort of a low profile. In terms of dimensions, with its 5.99m long and 2.10m in width and 2.75m in height, the slipper plays the part of the van while the absence of a hinged door and bay window at the stern would classify it as a motorhome. classic. Spacious inside, where it can accommodate up to 5 people, the French leisure vehicle opens onto swivel cabin seats and a face-to-face lounge. No permanent bed on the floor (but a bed for two, however, by transforming part of the living room) but a drop-down bed for two adults.

Based on a Fiat Ducato base and camped on 16 \’\’ rims, the Chausson X550 also unveils a well-appointed and equipped kitchen area (a two-burner gas hob and a sink) and an admittedly rustic bathroom space, but again sufficient with a separate toilet area from a second including a shower tray. The Chausson Combo X550 starts at € 59,900.



Top 5 low-profile Vans for spring 2021

Of course, style is a subjective given and some will find the lines of the Imagine ugly, close, even the most sarcastic, to those of a hearse. On the contrary, others will praise its originality with its integrated profiled sills or its latest generation full LED lights. Everyone will in any case recognize the singularity of the whole.

The 6.80 m long model is dressed in a self-supporting monobloc cell, and is unveiled on MAN TGE or Mercedes Sprinter carriers (4×2 and 4×4). We will also note the rear hold with electric locking, and an integrated air diffuser while the equipment and layout of the passenger compartment are entrusted to the recognized specialist Brisebras. Finally, a word on the price, it will also be customizable, according to your wishes and the thickness of your wallet.


Top 5 low-profile Vans for spring 2021


Rapido\’s 6.36m-long V65 XL has a lot of flair. Style, and exemplary modularity once inside. Equipped and furnished with little onions, the V65 XL on a Fiat chassis offers in particular 4 adult sleeping places thanks in particular to a drop-down bed assisted by jacks. But also a separate shower and WC, a large 133-liter refrigerator, a day / night separation and the famous Modul\’Space patented swivel wardrobe system. Featuring multiple storage scattered throughout the cabin and marketed in many indoor environments, the camper Rapido Van V65 XL is priced starting at 53,900 €.


Top 5 low-profile Vans for spring 2021

Adria Twin Sports 640 GX Sports Edition

Adria\’s 6.36m-long Twin Sports 640 GX features a new lightweight composite pop-up roof, allowing additional mounting of solar panels, but also roof rack rails for additional storage. It\’s simple, the model is the only Mini-Van with a pop-up roof and SkunRoof that guarantees natural light in the passenger compartment. Inside, the atmosphere is warm and cozy with its Onyx furniture. Among the main amenities, we will note the electrically liftable rear bed, the kitchen with two-burner stove, sink and compression refrigerator, the duplex bathroom and the bedroom with its pop-top bed and finally its generous garage storage, which can easily carry two bicycles. There remains the price, rather shocking than chic: from 62,900 €.

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