Top 5 Concept Cars at Geneva Motor Show 2015

Once again, the public can dream Geneva by browsing the aisles of the 2015 edition of the Swiss show. Many manufacturers have actually played the game by taking advantage of the event to unveil a new concept car. These five models are those we are most attracted and impressed,  Top 5 Concept Cars at Geneva Motor Show 2015.

Bentley EXP Speed ​​6 10

1 Bentley EXP Speed ​​6 10

We waited an SUV with the Bentayga and was treated to … a small sports coupe. Bentley has played the surprise with its 10 EXP Speed ​​6 but we do not regret it as the lines of the “baby Bentley” we have subjugated. And if you feel that some design elements have been borrowed from rivals Jaguar and Aston Martin, the front majestic and luxurious interior well bear claw Crewe. Too bad no details of the hybrid has been made ​​public.Anyway, can not wait to find out the production version of the two-seater coupe.

Top 5 Concept Cars at Geneva Motor Show

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Aston Martin DBX

2 Aston Martin DBX

It seems that the prestigious British brands were given the word to surprise us in Geneva as Aston Martin, like Bentley, drew his surprise concept with DBX , surprising for several reasons. Mix between a coupe and an SUV, this luxury family van, which has real seats at the back, seems to want to rub the productions of the American Tesla Motors. Under the hood, in fact, no big V8 and V12 even less, but four electric motors housed in the wheels. What benefit the passage of four-wheel drive to the road conditions deteriorated.

Audi Prologue

3 Audi prologue

Before version-that is to say break- the concept Audi prologue as it has evolved over the 2015 Geneva Motor Show always foreshadows the new style of the brand with the rings, but more specifically showing us the lines future generations of A8 and A6 Avant. Attractive, the Audi prologue Prior is powered by the hybrid system launched on the Q7 e-tron quattro, namely the coupling of a big V6 3.0 TDI and electric motor for a total output of 455 hp and 750 Nm .

Kia Sportspace

4 Kia Sportspace

Please note, Korean know how attractive or desirable concept cars and this was seen at the Geneva show with Kia Sportspace . In flow quite sober lines, big break of 4.85 meters was able to play the card of elegance to attract attention and stir up waiting around the renewal of the Optima, scheduled for 2016. For through this study style with a diesel hybrid, it is the next generation of this sedan that must be seen.

NanoFlowcell F

5 NanoFlowcell F

Spectacular in its lines, the NanoFlowcell As F is a design study that could have been included in our selection of supercars since its four electric motors develop the total power in peak, 1090 horses. But it is only a concept that one can provide the title of the most technological model of the show. Its supply system battery by a fluid accumulator (invented in the 70s and named ORP) makes it possible to dispense with connection for charging. This is done by a simple electrolyte drain, while autonomy is increased to 800 kilometers.

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