Top 10 best-selling cars in Spain in 2017

Top 10 best selling cars in Spain in 2017

best selling cars. Once the year 2017 is over, we are familiar with the vehicle registration figures in Spain during this period, a time in which 1,234,931 passenger cars have been registered in our country. These figures represent a growth of 7.7% over the previous year and have been achieved thanks to the channels of companies and renters , with increases of 12.8 and 9.2% respectively.

Although the private channel has also grown during these twelve months, it has been the channel that has grown the least with 4.4% more.

Top 10 best-selling cars in Spain in 2017

In the section of models, SEAT has taken the award of the year twice, since it has managed to place its two best sellers in the first two positions. The most sold car in 2017 in Spain is the SEAT León with a total of 35,316 units , followed by the SEAT Ibiza with 33,757 cars . In the third step of the podium was the Renault Mégane , which has reached 32,131 copies .

Behind the list, which includes the same ten models as in 2016 although in different positions, we find in the fourth position the Citroën C4 ( 30,880 vehicles ), the most sold in 2016; the Renault Clio ( 28,868 cars ) in fifth place or the Nissan Qashqai ( 28,752 units ), the first SUV model on the list and climbing from the ninth to the sixth position.

Then we have the Volkswagen Golf ( 28.511 registrations ), which goes down from the fourth to the seventh place; the Dacia Sandero ( 26,795 cars sold ), which climbs two positions; and two German models that close the list with descents, the Opel Corsa (26,739 units) and the Volkswagen Polo ( 23,856 copies ).

Top 10 best-selling cars in Spain in 2017

As far as brands are concerned there are some differences compared to the list of models this year, because despite the two first positions of SEAT , Renault is again the best-selling brand in Spain in 2017  with a total of 101,503 registrations . SEAT has sold 94,461 cars to be placed in second position, ahead of the  89,602 copies  of Volkswagen , which is third.

As in 2016 the fourth place is for Peugeot , with  87,732 units , and the fifth for another of the brands of the PSA group: Opel , which manages to reach  86,921 cars sold and falls from the second to fifth place. Next to them we have Toyota ( 66,299 vehicles ), which rises to sixth place ahead of Citroën ( 64,743 ), Nissan ( 62,403 ), Ford ( 62,398 ) and Kia ( 58,949 ).

10 best selling cars  in Spain in 2017

Model Units
SEAT León 35,316
SEAT Ibiza 33,757
Renault Mégane 32,131
Citroën C4 30,880
Renault Clio 28,868
Nissan Qashqai 28,752
Volkswagen Golf 28,511
Dacia Sandero 26.795
Opel Corsa 26.739
Volkswagen Polo 23.856


10 best-selling brands in Spain in 2017

Model Units
Renault 101,503
SEAT 94,461
Volkswagen 89,602
Peugeot 87,732
Opel 86,921
Toyota 66,299
Citroën 64,743
Nissan 62,403
Ford 62,398
Kia 58,949

Sales in DecemberTop 10 best-selling cars in Spain in 2017

The month of December crowned the Renault Mégane as the best-selling model, followed by Dacia Sandero and Renault Clio . It is curious the descent of the Lion , the best-selling model of the year and seventh in this last month. Also noteworthy are the entries in Top 10 of the Captur , the 208 and the Tucson , which has managed to register 2,248 units.

As for brands, the rise of Peugeot surprises , second after Renault , the most sold also in December, and Hyundai , which sneaks into the Top 10 of December with its fourth place thanks to the  6,324 vehicles . On the other hand, Volkswagen falls to the fifth position.

Most sold cars in December of 2017

Model Units
Renault Mégane 4,088
Dacia Sandero 3.116
Renault Clio 2.834
Nissan Qashqai 2,792
Citroën C4 2,585
Renault Captur 2,464
SEAT León 2.374
Peugeot 208 2,253
Hyundai Tucson 2,248
Peugeot 2008 2,160


Most sold brands in December of 2017

Model Units
Renault 11,612
Peugeot 9.122
SEAT 6,768
Hyundai 6,324
Volkswagen 6.211
Nissan 6.125
Citroën 5,626
Dacia 5,229
Kia 4.841
Ford 4,757

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