Isuzu FD-SI Concept

Tokyo 2017 Exhibition : Isuzu FD-SI Concept

Isuzu FD-SI Concept – Isuzu presents in Tokyo the concept FD-SI, a futuristic light commercial vehicle designed for freight transport with numerous compartments inside it, derived from honeycomb visible to the exterior, and a cockpit able to host the only driver.

The Tokyo Motor Show that is taking place these days is the opportunity used by many companies, automakers and more, to look at the future and how it will turn mobility over the next few years. The futuristic concept presented in Japan by Isuzu , called FD-SI, is also a clear example . 

Isuzu FD-SI Concept

The Isuzu FD-SI Concept is a sort of futuristic van, or rather a light commercial vehicle designed for transport and delivery of goods. The prototype has a design inspired by nature, as is evident from the honeycomb texture that features the entire side of the vehicle, with two-tone bodywork and partially covered wheels.

The front of the Isuzu FD-SI Concept features a cockpit, or rather a cockpit, which develops vertically, almost to make it look like a small bus. On its sides, honeycomb design is not just a stylistic stitch, since every cavity is actually a storage compartment for storage.

Isuzu FD-SI Concept

The cylindrical storage compartments required a lot of space inside the vehicle and for this reason the Isuzu FD-SI Concept was designed with a cabin that can only accommodate the driving seat. On the control seat there is a “retractable” steering wheel, in addition to the high-tech display that displays the main driving information based on the windscreen.

Another technological touch is the innovative, mounted on the steering wheel that reproduces images of what\’s behind the vehicle, replacing in fact the classic rear-view mirrors with an even more practical and innovative solution.

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