Tips for maintaining motorcycle during quarantine

Tips for maintaining motorcycle during quarantine

The quarantine prevents us from leaving home and do our daily activities and to mobilize, as well as the transport public use private vehicles such as cars and motorcycles . Having them parked for a long time, they require certain care so that they are in optimal conditions. Alexis Carrasco, head of the Honda Racing Team, provides five key tips for keeping motorcycles in good working order.

Tips for maintaining motorcycle during quarantine

1.- Keep it in a suitable area:

It should not be left outdoors, if the garage is outdoors, the ideal is to cover the motorcycle to keep it clean.

2.- Operating battery:

To keep the battery operational, you have to try to start the motorcycle daily for 15 minutes in order to keep the charge, it must be in a fairly ventilated area to avoid the accumulation of gases. If they detect that the battery discharges easily, it is better to disconnect it to prevent it from losing its charge (disconnect the negative).

3.- Fuel tank:

The fuel tank is airtight and keeps fuel in good condition for long periods. The problem arises when the fuel is not of good quality and has humidity, if the humidity enters the tank it generates corrosion and it generates dirt that enters through the power supply system to the engine, especially when the motorcycle is stopped for a long time.

4.- Lubrication:

The drag system, it is recommended to leave it lubricated to reduce moisture contamination, you can use motor oil if the ideal lubricant is not on hand.

5.- Tires:

As for the tires, we must pay attention if we notice pressure loss (it is identified manually), in any case, we must take it into account and then take it to the tire specialist for repair.

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