Tips for Driving Trailers Safely

Tips for Driving Trailers Safely

Driving is a great responsibility, if you do it incorrectly you can put your life and that of other drivers at risk. It is more dangerous when we ignore or do not respect the limits of vehicles other than ours.

Trailers or large trucks are different and the way they must be driven is much more complicated than we imagine. 

Tips for Driving Trailers Safely

Its driving conditions are very different and challenging: long stopping distances, a transmission with more than sixteen speeds, constant radio communication, time limits and little rest.

That is why it is very important to know how to drive and respect their spaces when you are near trailers.

Here we have listed some tips for driving around trailers safely.

1.- Avoid blind spots

It is not easy for large truck drivers to observe the vehicles around them. They have blind spots that you need to avoid so they can see where you are if they need to stop or turn.

There is a general rule of thumb that if you can see the driver in your side mirrors, he can see you.

2.- Pass safely

Before passing a trailer, pay attention to the vehicles around it. Especially behind you and in your left lane, it is safer for you to pass on the left because the driver can see you better. See if any vehicle is going the opposite direction or about to turn. Stay out of blind spots, turn on your turn signals. Then pass, speed up for safety, and only merge when you see the trailer in your rearview mirror.

3.- Do not cut

Cutting someone in traffic is very dangerous behavior because it puts you and other drivers at risk. Large trucks are 20 to 30 times heavier than normal vehicles and 2 times slower to come to a complete stop. Cutting a trailer not only means that it will be in its blind spots, but you also do not give the driver enough time to react and can hit it, the heavier the truck, the stronger the impact.

4.- Increase the distance

It is not wise to stay too close to large trucks, especially when they are close. You must have enough distance between you and the tail of the truck to brake in case something happens. Following too closely also means that you are in the driver’s blind spots and may be pushed under the truck.

5.- Watch out for wide turns

Large trucks are heavy and very long, so they need more maneuvering to turn. So pay attention to your turn signals to slow down or avoid them when necessary.

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