Tips for buying your first car

Tips for buying your first car

You just get you a driver’s license and it’s time to take one of the most important decisions of your new skills driver, what car to buy? Besides having some idea of ​​the car models and the budget you want to spend on the purchase is important that you consider other factors that you have these tips for buying first car.

Tips for buying first car
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Buy the first car is complicated and an important decision that should not be taken lightly. Besides look out a budget is important to consider that your first car should not be too strong, but of course it always depends on the usage you make of it: for normal city use, and some by road, with a power of 70 CV you should do it while you upload and ports and many stretches of highway You travel up your mind for a more powerful engine but not exceeding 120 hp; you\’ll have time to increase power, first catch and learn proficiently well.

Tips for buying first car

In addition to these guidelines it should be that you consider the following tips for buying your first car:

  • If you’ve chosen a used car do not look at too old models, which do not include active safety, an indispensable factor for inexperienced drivers.
  • It is important for you to notice certain aspects such as the guarantee offered by the car, maintenance costs and reliability. These three aspects are key when it comes to buying your first car, beyond design, performance or color.
  • Be very clear what budget you have. If you buy a car with financing, make sure it is within your ability to pay. Do not be carried away.
  • Find the balance between security, equipment and price to make the purchase as accurate as possible.
  • Remember that you have more confidence that a new second-hand car and if you do numbers to see how long offsets. Search an efficient car that does not consume and stability controls that often come standard.
  • And never forget that car payment is not limited to the price of it, we must also have other costs such as maintenance and insurance or taxes. Take advantage of offers from manufacturers, ask different opinions and compares professionals before making a decision.

Another advice for buying your first car you have to appreciate is that relating to insurance. It is important to shop for car insurance with confidence and experience and offer you the security you need at the wheel of a flexible way. With ‘ll enjoy at the wheel of the best guarantees for novice drivers.


  • Fundamental:  identify your real choices and set an affordable budget.
  • Hit secure:  choose a car that suits your needs.
  • Used or new ?: ¿  new one is safer and has more guarantees.

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