These CATL batteries are better than Tesla's 4680 and will debut the ZEEKR 009

These CATL batteries are better than Tesla’s 4680 and will debut the ZEEKR 009

CATL is the largest battery manufacturer in the world, a position that the Chinese manufacturer does not want to lose in the coming years and therefore works tirelessly in the development of new batteries that allow it to be at the forefront.

Last July, CATL presented its new Qilin 3.0 batteries, batteries with spectacular performance and that improve (at least on paper) the batteries composed of 4680 cells, batteries in which Tesla has bet.

These CATL batteries are better than Tesla's 4680 and will debut the ZEEKR 009

Regarding these batteries, the Qilin 3.0, we know some of the most interesting data that make them unique, such as their energy density of up to 255 Wh / kg or their volume utilization efficiency, which is located at 72%, a percentage never before reached in a battery.

Thanks to this, it will allow the figure of 1,000 kilometers of autonomy to be possible.

But not only is this, but they are able to withstand high load powers allowing themto charge from 10% to 80% in just 10 minutes.

One of the great doubts that remained in the air was to know which manufacturer was going to be the first to mount in its electric cars these Qilin 3.0 batteries.

This unknown has already been revealed and the Chinese manufacturer ZEEKR will be the first to mount a battery of this type in its ZEEKR 009.

CATL and ZEEKR have signed an agreement for the supply of these Qilin 3.0 batteries for five years, batteries that as we indicated and according to the manufacturer are capable of delivering up to 13% more energy than a 4680 battery cell.

CATL founder and director Robin Zeng had this to say about the agreement reached with ZEEKR:

“Upholding the principle of delivering solutions with joint efforts, we are dedicated to enabling automakers to build global high-end car brands with leading EV battery technologies and solutions, thereby promoting the global transition to electric mobility.”

On the other hand, zeekr CEO An Conghui commented that the company is prepared to start deliveries of the ZEEKR 009 with these new Qilin 3.0 batteries by the first quarter of 2023 while deliveries of the ZEEKR 001 will take place in the second quarter of that same year. Regarding the ZEEKR 001, the Chinese manufacturer expects to reach a range of more than 1,000 kilometers with the new CATL batteries.

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