The world's fastest 'flying' ferry will be operational in Europe (video)

The world’s fastest ‘flying’ ferry will be operational in Europe (video)

Next year a high-speed, zero-emission ferry will become a reality for the use and enjoyment of passengers traveling along the waterways of the city of Stockholm, the result of a joint project between the boat manufacturer Candela and the Ministry of Sweden Transport.

This new long-range means of transport will be the ” fastest fully electric in the world ” according to its creators. With a capacity of 30 passengers (scalable between 12 to 300), it will link the islands of the Swedish city at speeds of 30 knots (55 km / h).

Thanks to the entry into service of this new zero-emission ferry , it will be possible to start the replacement of 60 ships with diesel engines that transport residents and tourists daily, between the city center and the islands that make up the typical archipelago of La capital of Sweden.

The world's fastest 'flying' ferry will be operational in Europe (video)

Zero emissions also in water

Speaking to Cities Today , Michaela Haga, Chairperson of the Stockholm Region Committee for Maritime Public Transport, stressed the importance of pilot tests for the decarbonization of the city\’s maritime proximity transport.

“ This pilot project will provide us with important information on cost of operation, comfort. After the pilot project, which will continue until 2024, we will know if this is a future solution for our public transport on water, “said Haga.

A flying ferry

According to Canden, manufacturer of the new means of transport, the new Ferry P-30 ” flies ” using a system of computer-controlled hydrofoils. These reduce energy consumption by 80%, compared to the fastest ferries in service today.

The world's fastest 'flying' ferry will be operational in Europe (video)

According to the Stockholm City Council, the total cost of operating a P-30 can be half the cost of conventional diesel ferries. Each Ferry consumes energy at the same level as a modern hybrid electric bus.

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