The Range Rover SV is an exquisite interpretation of luxury and personalisation

The Range Rover SV is an exquisite interpretation of luxury and personalisation

The Range Rover is the quintessence of style, status and spirit of adventure. The fifth generation will arrive in South Africa in 2022 and, according to Massimo Frascella, Jaguar Land Rover’s design director, it has been a real labor of love, something that is clear in all facets of the sleek exterior design to the luxurious interior.

The Range Rover SV is an exquisite interpretation of luxury and personalisation

This is even more evident in the flagship models of the brand’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division. Michael van der Sande, chief executive of SVO, says the division exists to amplify the basic character of the Range Rover and other Jaguar Land Rover vehicles, and while this may include a range of bespoke options, it also means creating the new SV Serenity and SV Intrepid models.

Both are available in standard (five-seater) or long-wheelbase (five or seven) models, each offering the best in design, luxury and technology while having two very different personalities.

SV Serenity stands for pure luxury with subtle accents to emphasize its exclusivity and the use of the latest materials, many of which are durable, to offer the highest levels of quality and comfort.

The designers sought to make the interior feel more like home, a place where you can feel as relaxed or focused as you like. The rear seats are lighter in color than those at the front, a way to differentiate the two seating areas and emphasize those sitting in the back.

New mosaic embroidery in the seats enhances the feeling of luxury, while mosaic marquetry was created by hand-laying individual pieces of wood to create a beautiful effect and demonstrate meticulous attention to detail.

Exterior highlights that differentiate the SV Serenity from other models include Corinthian bronze accents and the option of a contrasting Corinthian bronze roof.

The SV Intrepid, meanwhile, displays a sporty and dynamic nature with dark exterior colors, blackened badges, anthracite metal highlights on the grille and Graphite Atlas finishes, all of which contribute to a more focused overall appearance.

The interior of the SV Intrepid models features monotonous semi-aniline ebony leather or the choice of rosewood-colored seats at the front and ebony leather seats at the rear. Alternatively, you can choose a clear cloud with Cinder Grey leather-free Ultrafabrics trim that uses wool and Kvadrat materials.

Then there are the ceramic elements, used for the first time in the automotive industry. These include a ceramic surface on the gear lever in white for SV Serenity and black for SV Intrepid, as well as for the outer badge. It’s this attention to detail that really sets Range Rover SV models apart from the rest of the range and its competitors.

Both SV models are available with the sumptuous Executive Class Comfort Plus seats for two or three in the rear, however — for the ultimate in luxury — nothing beats the new SV Signature Suite in the long-wheelbase versions.

The Range Rover SV is an exquisite interpretation of luxury and personalisation

The SV Signature Suite includes a full-length center console that includes an electrically deployable club table. This exquisitely crafted aluminum and wood table rises elegantly from the inside of the console at the touch of a button, making it a work of art in itself. It can be turned for use by one of the two rear passengers, sitting in reclining seats that offer the full first-class experience, as well as a range of massage settings.

Plus, there’s a control screen between the seats and two 13.1-inch entertainment screens mounted on the back of the front seats, perfect for relaxing and watching a movie.

If you’re looking for relaxation, the Signature SV Suite also has a refrigerator that can hold a bottle of champagne and two SV-designed Dartington crystal flutes that fit seamlessly into electrically deployable cup holders.

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