The new Toyota Aygo, discovered in the snow

The new Toyota Aygo, discovered in the snow

A little over a month ago we saw for the first time a prototype of the new generation of Toyota Aygo , the urban model of the Japanese brand. They were some photos in which what was actually seen was the predictable front of the Aygo , because the rest looked like a test mule taking the body of the Toyota Yaris.

The new Toyota Aygo, discovered in the snow

But now we can see a prototype, on the snow, with the future body of the Aygo, seen from all angles in these photos that our colleagues at CarPix have taken. As you can see, in the prototype of the photos you can already see the new design of the headlights, with LED lights. The taillights are still heavily covered, but we can see that they maintain the vertical design of the current Aygo .

Maintains the canvas roof

Another feature that the current Aygo had, the canvas roof will also be available in this new generation, as we see in this prototype. And as for the interior, we assume that the design will be similar to that offered by the Yaris .

The new Toyota Aygo maintains its European DNA , where it was designed, developed and where it will be built; specifically at the Kolin factory, in the Czech Republic, where the current one is manufactured.

What does not seem clear that it will continue is the production of its brothers, the Citroën C1 and the Peugeot 108 . This was a joint project between Toyota and the PSA Group, but it seems that the French brands are not going to renew their more urban models .

And as for the mechanical part, at the moment it is known that it will have combustion versions; But it is not ruled out that a fully electric version will arrive later, a technology in which Toyota seems to begin to enter fully.

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