The New Mazda CX 3 Price and Specification

Mazda CX 3 Price – Mazda has revealed prices and range of its new urban SUV, the CX-3, currently on display at the Geneva show.

It sits right now proudly in the heart of the Mazda booth Geneva Motor Show ( discover the video ). It is the CX-3 , little brother of the CX-5 and first urban SUV of the Japanese brand. A few months before his induction into the French market, it reveals today its rates and its range.

Richly endowed

Three trim levels will be in the program: Elegance, Dynamics and Selection. The first series will offer 16-inch alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, infotainment MZD Connect system with color navigation screen, hill start assist, Using Intelligent Brake urban fashion or the cruise control / speed limiter. Above, “Dynamic” adds rear parking assist, heated front seats, the lane departure warning, windows and rear window privacy glass, automatic headlights and wipers and headlights and LED fog. Finally upscale “Selection” adorns her 18-inch alloy wheels, the head-up display, the backup camera, a Bose sound system, adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights equally but also help emergency brake and active recognition system moving obstacles in reverse.

Side engines

Under the hood, three SKYACTIV engines are available: two petrol (2L 120 or 150 hp) and diesel (1.5L 105 horses). All these blocks are equipped with i-Stop (Stop & Start) and are associated with a manual gearbox (6 speed automatic is optional 1,800 € but is not available with finishing Elegance and diesel 4X2 ). The CX-3 also can be two or four wheel drive.

Mazda CX 3 Price

Below the listed Mazda CX 3 Price.


  • 2L SKYACTIV-G 120 hp 4×2 Elegance: € 20,650
  • 2L SKYACTIV-G 120 hp 4×2 Dynamic: € 22,550
  • 2L SKYACTIV-G 4×2 120 hp Selection: € 24,750
  • 2L SKYACTIV -G 150 hp 4×4 Selection: € 27,150


  • 1.5L SKYACTIV-D 105 hp 4×2 Elegance: € 22,650 1.5L SKYACTIV-D 105 hp 4×2 Dynamic: € 24,550
  • 1.5L SKYACTIV-D 105 hp 4×2 Selection: € 26,750 1.5L SKYACTIV -D 105 hp 4×4 Selection: € 28,550

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