The new Citroën C5 2021 presented in mid-April

The new Citroën C5 2021 presented in mid-April

According to our information, the third generation of the French family will be presented in mid-April. Before that, we deliver our first exclusive images to you which, we think, come very close!

At Citroën, we no longer hide it, a great Citroën has been in preparation for a long time. Internally, we are even assured that she will have “an incredible personality”. And “AM” to confirm to you today that this will be the case. While the C5 of 2007 declined, with great success, the traditional codes of the genre, the E43 project which succeeds it in fact little wood . About 4.80 m long, this Citroën plays with the classic proportions that the VW Passat , Opel Insignia or Skoda Octavia relentlessly wield .

China 508-style wheelbase

If the future C5 does not deprive itself of a long and wide front cover which imposes it, it has built its profile around two requirements, roominess and practicality. Partly intended for the Middle Kingdom, where it will be mass-produced from the summer, the E43 has refined its interior space by taking advantage of the good values ​​between axles (up to 2.90 m) that allows the EMP2 platform. A successful base already exploited by the “long” 508 for the same Chinese customers or the next DS 9, compatible with a controlled damping, in the absence of a hydropneumatic, too heavy. However, the entry-level C5 will favor shock absorbers with hydraulic stops , such as the C5 Aircross or the C4 .

The new Citroën C5 2021 presented in mid-April

Anyway, as the SUV wave has also passed there, Citroën has provided a rear cargo volume capable of convincing those who return from the high-rise genre, but not on their useful side . Hence the choice of a high stern and a tailgate flap with two spoilers, as our spy photos confirm . Not to mention large wheels and black fender protections to assert a special posture.

No diesel

The modern interior in terms of technology and security would not let itself be invaded by all digital. While the E43 will ignore the diesel, but not the plug-in hybrid . A priori, it is the technology of the latest DS 4 E-Tense that will be retained, ie 225 hp and 50 km in all electric. Without forgetting the petrol units of 130 and 180 hp. A Citroën as many love them – and some hate them – that we will detail next month since Vincent Cobée, the boss of the Chevrons, will officially lift the veil on this C5 in mid-April .

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