The new BMW 3 Series against its rivals

The new BMW 3 Series Competitors to Consider

We analyze the keys of the new BMW 3 Series against its rivals in the premium market.

The new BMW 3 Series has just landed on the market and little by little more versions are available for sale. That is why it is a good time, now that the offer is more complete, to compare it with its main alternatives . All of them framed in a premium segment that, contrary to what you might think, has more strength in this niche than in the general one.

The new generation 3 Series is a statement of intent in terms of technology. Although its continuist design does not demonstrate a radical change of image, as it does with the Series 1, it has a new interior, capabilities and assists to place itself at the head of its competitive class. We analyze it .

The BMW 3 Series in detail

The new BMW 3 Series against its rivals

Passing over a design that practically mirrors the fees of the latest 3 Series generations, the BMW mid-size saloon grows in all its dimensions. It is 4.7 meters long, 1.82 m wide and 1.44 m high . To this is added a 2.85 m battle, also greater compared to its predecessor. This gives not only more space to passengers, especially the rear, but also more luggage: 480 liters . In addition, the familiar Touring variant returns which, with similar measures, increases the size of the cargo space to 500 liters.

Among the technological innovations, the multimedia section stands out, crowned by a central multimedia screen of up to 10.3 inches at best. It has an Internet connection, 3D navigation, access to network applications and compatibility with Apple CarPlay, but not with Android Auto. The dashboard can also be digital, with a display perhaps too simple and not very configurable. On the other hand, driving aids are numerous, starting with advanced adaptive cruise control that, together with the lane maintenance assistant, bring the 3 Series closer to semi-autonomous driving. Of course there is no shortage of blind spot control, emergency braking, signal reader or, as a novelty, lighting that can be LED and even laser.

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