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The Most Reliable Car Brands (2021 Ranking)

Reliability is one of the most important selling points for a car brand. Discover the ranking of manufacturers offering the strongest cars on the market in 2021.

Which brands can claim the title of “most reliable” on the market? The company JD Power, specializing in the collection and processing of data related to consumers, recently published a study on the strength of registered models on the roads.

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The results of this study come from a series of surveys carried out on the basis of the number of breakdowns reported by the first owners of a three-year-old vehicle (purchased in 2018) over 12 months (in 2020).


To properly judge the reliability of a vehicle, JD Power includes up to 177 different criteria, divided into eight categories :

  • Audio / communication / entertainment / navigation
  • Engine / transmission
  • Outside
  • Interior
  • Features / controls / displays
  • Driving experience
  • Heating, Centilation and air conditioning
  • Seats

All these components are indeed likely to be affected by a problem that could force an owner to complain to his dealer.

It should be noted that several manufacturers do not appear in this classification , carried out on the basis of the North American market where brands such as Peugeot, Renault or Opel are not present. It does, however, provide a more precise idea of ​​the reliability of a large majority of brands in the automotive sector.


In the ranking below, Lexus finishes at the top of the reliability hierarchy, also in the Premium segment, for the ninth time in ten years! The Japanese manufacturer, which belongs to Toyota, has a total of 81 failures on 100 models (81PP100) ahead of Porsche (86 failures) and Kia (97 failures), leader among consumer brands.

The Asian brands are fairly well represented in the top 10 ( see our slideshow ) with, in addition to Lexus and Kia, Toyota listed fourth (98 failures out of 100) and Hyundai , seventh (101 failures). It should be noted that the players in the US market are not to be outdone with Buick and Cadillac (100 breakdowns each), as well as Lincoln (106 breakdowns) and Acura (108 breakdowns).


In the top 10, only Porsche (2nd, 86 breakdowns) performed well in the JD Power study . BMW (11th, 108 breakdowns) is above the 2021 average (121 out of 100), far ahead of Volkswagen (163 breakdowns).

Discover below the complete ranking of the most reliable car brands: 


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