The Most Expensive Car in the Geneva Motor Show 2015

The most expensive car in the Geneva Motor Show is the McLaren P1 GTR presented next to a former model whose value is simply priceless.

The Geneva Motor Show is an appointment traditionally loaded with luxury vehicles, although the most affordable news it also found. This year the show is again well filled with sports cars. Lamborghini has decided to bring the Super Veloce version of the Aventador. Ferrari will present the new 488 GTB, replacement for the 458 Italia. Ford brought its terrible GT US, McLaren will show the pretty 675LT and Audi unveiled the second generation R8. Mercedes came with a new race car (AMG GT3) in addition to the longest limousine while the living room, the S-Class Maybach Pullman. Not to mention the Final Bugatti Veyron, the latest copy of the supercar Molsheim. Or the Koenigsegg Regera , the most powerful car in the world.

The Most Expensive Car in the Geneva Motor Show 2015..

Most Expensive Car - McLaren-F1-GT-Salon-Gen-ve-2015-Live

But then, which of these innovations is the most expensive of the whole show? The Bugatti is well positioned with a rate of more than two million, but is beaten by Aston Martin and Vulcan 1.8 million pounds (EUR 2.46 million). And yet it is another Englishwoman who is required to a hair (or rather some horses). This is indeed the McLaren P1 GTR has the highest rate of any, with 1.98 million pounds or about 2.5 million (Most Expensive Car). At this price, the Auto guests will enjoy a hybrid engine pushed to 1,000 horsepower and aerodynamics significantly changed compared to road P1. Recall that the machine is restricted to the circuit and he has no right to participate in motor racing as it responds to any specific regulations. So just for fun, provided they are at least multi-millionaire.

And yet, € 2.5 million is nothing compared to an “old car” also present on the stand: F1 GT, which despite its atmospheric 6.0-liter V12 and its more than 600 horses, could not stand the P1 GTR on a circuit. But this extremely rare copy road – it’s a unique copy – reach a crazy value if it was on sale today.The brand’s spokesperson with whom we discussed the estimate that about 25 million, that is not far from the highest ever price reached by a vintage car. To recall, the record holder is currently the Ferrari 250 GTO with 38.5 million price reached two years ago at an auction. thanks for reading The Most Expensive Car in the Geneva Motor Show 2015.