The Cheapest Hybrid Cars In France (In Pictures)

The Cheapest Hybrid Cars In France

The electrification of the French car fleet is underway. For several years now, manufacturers, both French and foreign, have taken the bandwagon and offered ever cleaner ranges of vehicles. For the consumer, these models, whether hybrid or rechargeable hybrid (that is to say equipped with an electrical outlet) constitute an interesting compromise between thermal and electric motorization .

The Cheapest Hybrid Cars In France (In Pictures)

If you are interested in one day taking the step towards a 100% electric car, whose sales continue to increase in France, the purchase of a hybrid is an ideal introduction, motivated by the offers and promotions of the share of brands.


After the more expensive models , let us look at the segment of cars hybrid and plug-in hybrids among the most affordable on the French market. At the entry level (see slideshow above), we find the new Toyota Yaris , listed from € 20,450 (excluding bonus).

The Japanese manufacturer, once again world number 1 in sales in 2020 , dominates this ranking with no less than 8 models including the indestructible Corolla , the Prius or the RAV4. Its great rival Honda places two models, the Jazz and the CR-V, where the French manufacturers shine by their absence , only the Renault Clio appearing in this top 20.

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