The best hybrid vehicles of 2021 (at the moment)

Electrified offers are multiplying at very high speed at the moment. It is not always easy to make a choice. We have selected for you the best hybrid vehicles of the moment.

With 14.8%, hybrid vehicles represented a significant share of new car sales in 2020 (Source: CCFA). Above all, their number has exploded in the space of a year, with more than 94% increase from the previous year. Context requires, the offer is expanding and it becomes more and more difficult to choose. Don’t worry, we’ve identified the three essential options for you.

Please note, this selection only includes “classic” hybrid models, called full hybrid , and not light hybrids or mild hybrids (which are more and more popular and are included in the registrations of hybrid cars). Both combine thermal and electric motors, but the latter are equipped with much simpler technology which has, in most cases, only a minor impact on consumption. They are not true hybrids since they cannot be propelled by the force of electricity alone.

1 – Toyota Yaris Hybrid from € 21,450

Still manufactured in France, in Valenciennes, in the North of France, the 4th generation of Yaris – the 2nd in hybrid – is much more versatile than its predecessor. By strengthening its powertrain, it drives more electrically, which benefits fuel economy: 3.6 l / 100 km in the city, a record! It is even the car that consumes the least on the French market . And it now looks good on roads and expressways, despite a slightly light soundproofing at 130 km / h. It is not as smooth as its French rival, the Clio E-TECH(see below), but its approval is clearly improving and no longer constitutes a defect. The space on board is correct taking into account its contained size. And the driving position has improved. In short, very good performances which have earned it the title of Car of the Year 2021 .


  • Sobriety in town
  • Versatility
  • Size-habitability ratio
  • Reliability

The lessers

  • Gasoline engine runaway still present
  • Trepidations in 17 inches
  • Some finishing details

2 – Renault Clio E-TECH Hybrid from 23,400 €

Clio E-TECH Hybrid (2020) © Renault

If he started to hybrid late, the Losange innovates with its E-Tech technology and its dog clutch. A very convincing originality in use which amazes with its vigor in electric, especially when starting, and its driving pleasure. It is satisfied with 5.1 l / 100 km on average, it is a little more than the Yaris (4.6 l on average) but still very reasonable. And it displays road performance a good tone above its Japanese rival. Its chassis is as balanced as that of other Clios. The comfort is quite good, its soundproofing successful. And its engine doesn’t get carried away in revs, unlike the Yaris. It is only in Sport mode that the gearbox lacks a bit of fluidity. In short, she is not afraid to hit the road. Enough to justify fairly high prices.


  • Electricity tone when starting
  • Controlled appetite
  • Balanced chassis
  • Versatility of use

The lessers

  • Perfectible fluidity in Sport mode
  • Tank reduced to 39 liters
  • No spare wheel possible
  • Reliability to be confirmed

3 – Kia Niro Hybrid from 29 190 €

The Kia Niro SUV exists “only in green”: electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid. The most accessible is this hybrid variant which displays 141 cumulative hp. The whole is not very sharp – you need a light foot on the accelerator not to start the 1.6 petrol. But, anyway, the Niro prefers quiet driving where it is very sober. Larger than the first two models mentioned, it is also more spacious and can be considered worry-free for family use. Its prices are contained and its 7-year guarantee is reassuring.


  • Smoothness of operation
  • Spacious interior
  • Sobriety
  • 7 year warranty

The lessers

  • Performance a bit tight in absolute terms
  • Inefficient chassis
  • Perfectible damping
  • Brake dosage

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