Test The Yamaha XSR700

Test & Review Yamaha XSR700

In recent years, the accessible motorcycle customization has the wind in its sails. The café racer look, scrambler or rat bike is generously highlighted and each brand has their own buzz with bikes past the hands of recognized preparers. In the medium displacement, two manufacturers Yamaha cannibalize the market and trying to hang this bandwagon with an XSR 700 promising.

Since 2010 with the release of the first V-Max, Yamaha develops the side “Heritage Sport” brand. Always inspired style and iconic design of motorcycles, the Japanese brand has created unavoidable motorcycles, advocating the simple pleasure of driving. In tribute to these bikes of the past, this concept is called “Faster sounds” (Editor\’s note: Faster son). Two words to say that these models meet their ancestors while taking advantage of technological advances to become more effective and easier.

The XSR 700 fits into this new segment Yamaha. This concept attempts to combine values ​​such as customization and simplicity that can be compatible, but also performance and legacy diametrically opposed. The range will only continue to expand in the future, complemented by trendy clothing catalog, both dedicated to motorcycles that daily.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

The genesis of this new model could not be simpler. Taking advantage of the trip to California to present the XVS 950, Yamaha visited Shinya Kimura, owner of Chabott Engineering, with a first drawing motorcycle mid-size versatile and easy to customize but favoring modernity to the legacy of the past. The project is interested in, he grabs a MT-07 to show part of his vision of the project.

Meanwhile, at January 31, 2014, the Japanese automaker engineers spread the pieces of the little roadster in a studio and are working on what needs. Less than two years later, the XSR 700 has become an affordable customization and appreciated based on a market where Europeans make the law. With excellent engine start, a frame just corrected what it takes, I must admit that the XSR 700 has seduced me like mind “Faster Sons” it inaugurates.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

At first glance, the relationship to the roadster MT obvious but the differences did not go unnoticed either. The big round headlight shaped truncated shell is loosely based on that of an old bicycle chief designer. At the rear, it\’s just the headlight LED XVS950 that alights on a fender just waiting to be removed. Yamaha has even thought about those who would saw the back of the frame by attaching said portion with screws to avoid touching the integrity of the chassis.

The reservoir is brushed aluminum or green bottle, are actually removable aluminum panels covering a conventional steel tank. So, no need to send full tank painting, simply unscrew three caches and let your body builder! The saddle takes a new shape and a brown part upscale for the green XSR. It simply remains solid black for raw aluminum versions.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

The instrumentation panel comes down to a round way XVS 950 Elegant and full, I would have placed further forward on the bike to not force me to head down to see it. Its glossy glass could make it harder to read with the reflections of the sun, to see in practice. The handlebar has been redesigned specifically for the newcomer to the range: now less wide, it brings hand position a bit further back while the seat is slightly higher and before the MT-07. The driver is then installed quite naturally, with great freedom of movement and total control and effortless motorcycle.

On the data sheet, no big change compared to the roadster. Power and torque are the same, the weight in working order climbs from 164 to 168kg, almost imperceptible rise to that level. A new Pirelli becomes the first rises from the XSR 700; Phantom SportComp has a composition favoring longevity grip while sporting a retro design.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

On the roads of Sardinia, sometimes bumpy, sometimes soggy, sometimes both, the XSR is doing very well. The 689cc twin-cylinder develops 74.8 horsepower easily put the bike in motion and, from the lowest speeds, I feel the lightness of management to facilitate maneuvers. On small laces tight, it will play the second and third report to take the little Yamaha from one corner to the other.

Remaining more or less 5\’000tr / min, which is an oddly high speed for a two-cylinder, the actuator responds rapidly to each solicitation. The top of the torque curve is, in fact, not very far with a value of 68 Nm at 6\’500tr / min.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

For a tortuous but rolling passage, the third and fourth reports go perfectly, even we are surprised to impose an almost sporty pace with the XSR 700, leaving just one buttock curve. Braking is not in rest; during our Arsouilles, he never faltered despite the high number of repeated stresses. This bike at a reasonable pace is amazing when it comes to cash a sports driving.

On main roads, the new Yamaha fishing by its stripped form an important offering to the wind. However, it remains stable at sustained pace, the first signs of louvoiements not being felt a good long after the legal limits. The sound of the parallel twin is not extravagant, but at a moderate pace or past a wall for example, he gives you some melodious and intoxicating returns.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

In all circumstances, the suspension is distinguished by a remarkable job of absorbing shocks due to road conditions. On heavy braking, is firm enough not to give the impression of sinking into the ground. I émettrais a little flat on the rear axle, at the tire or suspension which sometimes returns a false impression of loss of grip. I made some fears on a narrow road which I thought several times lost the rear.

Overall, the comfort is good enough, between amortization and saddle. However, it is rather strong and the two edges of the seat eventually print in your posterior. Fortunately, Yamaha offers accessory plush seat at will and worthy of a sofa.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

Just talking about the accessories! There will be a catalog of over forty references to grant XSR 700 to your liking. A dedicated let you customize your bike microsite in a setting reminiscent of a “Underground 2” … And even if you would not find enough to make a XSR to your image, prestigious participants Built Yard have announced their line to create accessories dedicated to this Yamaha.

Test The Yamaha XSR700

Conclusion :

Trying this bike, I was hit somewhere. Although she does not have the charisma of an Italian, she simply convinced by its ease, its small noise, its voluntary motor and its ability to accept that it goes in to have a near sporting use. In the back of my head, I have some ideas look to give him, especially since it will be proposed at a very aggressive price of just over Chf 8\’000 (8036.16273 USD).-, leaving a budget generous to a customization after purchase.

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