Test VW Arteon 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7: At the masked ball

Test VW Arteon 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7

By replacing the CC, the Arteon puts on a Super Passat outfit and rises in range. Seductive, habitable, very well finished and reassuring on the road, this large Volkswagen should nevertheless cure its comfort and contain its salty fare. Does this young “beginner” have the means of her ambitions?

Test VW Arteon 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7: At the masked ball

Installed in this Volkswagen cockpit, where everything falls quickly on hand but which could be more warm, I feel like a Passat . Nothing to be criticized but the dashboard lines and its traditional layout, with here the large 9.2-inch touch screen of the very reactive Discover Pro system, do not revolutionize the genre. Fortunately, when my gaze is directed towards the rearview mirror, the pronounced hip withdrawal reminds me that I am well behind the wheel of the Arteon. So could be summarized the wolfsburg sedan: a Passat cockpit, dressed in a 5-door coupe suit seduce. But it would still be omitted many elements that make it an unprecedented choice on the segment of road.

Let us return first to Arteon\’s pencil stroke, which is much more daring than that of the CC which it replaces . The huge grille and a sharp look give this 5-door a marked personality. In the streets of Saint-Raphaël (06), the Arteon does not go unnoticed. “Our” R-Line finish Kurkuma yellow does not help with discretion, but the large VW (4.86 m) does not need to impose. It is as pleasant to look at the Arteon as to settle on board, for space is not lacking. Especially in the rear, where the long wheelbase of 5 cm (2.87 m) compared to the CC, allows to easily house my 1.87 m. And this, despite a driver seat adjusted for this same size.

Not to mention the trunk, whose capacity oscillates between 563 and 1 557 liters according to VW.

Test VW Arteon 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7: At the masked ball
The steering with variable gearing offers a more direct feel. © Bruno Picault

If not an austere environment, it is good to live in this cabin with the finishing very neat. On the other hand, on the road, the German is blowing hot and cold. On the one hand, it can boast excellent soundproofing, variable steering with a more direct feel or a DSG box that is pleasant everyday, provided it is in Sport mode. On the other hand, this same DSG delays too much on certain downshifts and its suspensions – here DCC steered damping – are stiff on certain irregularities of the pavement. We expect more comfort from a sedan of this standing.

Behavior close to a Passat

The 19-inch pneumatic mast of the R-Line finish does not help, but it is not enough to explain these point discomforts. As for the 2.0 TDI 150 of our test version, it is enough to animate the almost 1,650 kg announced by VW. Its Stop & Start causes a few vibrations during the starts, but it knows however to be discreet. If you want to lead a hard life with the Arteon, know that his behavior is always healthy and finally close to that of a Passat , despite the specific modifications that benefit the Arteon extended).

Test VW Arteon 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7: At the masked ball
The behavior finally differs quite little from that of a Passat. © Bruno Picault

Based on the same MQB platform as the Golf , the large VW therefore benefits from the same aids to driving. The queue wizard also improves. The impression of tacking between the strips without ever finding the middle is less present. Better, the system adapts to your way of driving and keeps the car more or less away from the left band. Obviously, several situations will disrupt its functioning, but progress is notable.

Dotation rich … and salty tariffs

In addition to this Lane Assist, the Arteon offers, from the first level of finishing, automatic emergency braking associated with pedestrian detection, adaptive and predictive cruise control according to speed limits in force , diodes and subscription to online services for three years. If the endowment is rich from the entry level, the tariffs are however quite salty, and thus exceed 50 000 € for this version R-Line over-equipped. A fateful threshold that could direct your choice towards an Audi  A5 Sportback , certainly less habitable but much more pleasant to lead. In short, in spite of his dress of haute couturier, not sure that the Arteon capsize the hearts of lovers of high-end sedans, who do not stop only with the plastic outer.

Test VW Arteon 2.0 TDI 150 DSG7: At the masked ball
The tailgate makes access to the trunk easier than on the CC. © Bruno Picault

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