Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6, Review, Specs

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6, Review, Specs

Brand new and beautiful, the Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6 string of records. The most striking is the one made on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. He just simply 8 minutes and 14 seconds to complete the round the Nordschleife. A real performance that places the very top of the range SUV table. To understand how this vehicle diesel fuel and electricity has been able to achieve such a chrono, Land Rover offered me on the sidelines of the “Rallye Monte Carlo New Energy”, the keys of this colossus of roads.

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6, Review, Specs

A short tour of the owner …

Aesthetically, the hybrid version of the Range Rover Sport is no different from other thermal versions. He keeps his stature rugby player and very pronounced affiliation with his little brother Evoque. Therefore welcomes back its fine optics both the front and rear, and massive wraparound bumpers, a high beltline and horizontal.

It will delve under the bonnet to glimpse his true transformation. The well-known diesel V6 3 liter turbocharged 292 horsepower for a torque of 600 Nm is working with an electric motor 47ch (35kW) and an automatic ZF 8-speed.

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6, Review, Specs

This combination of diesel and electric motors increased the cavalry to 340 horsepower and 700 nm of torque between 1,500 and 3,000 rev / min. On paper, the SUV is able to achieve a 0 to 100 km / h in just 6.7 seconds while remaining relatively sober since favoring efficiency performance, the hybrid system is the normalized consumption down to 6, 4L / 100km. On our test, the trip computer showed 9.8 liters.

2 days and 500 km test for the Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6

It all starts on the port of Monaco. Land Rover had installed a “Terrapod”. What is it that this thing, you say. This is simply a metal structure mimicking the worst conditions possible crossing. The opportunity for me to reassure you that a Range Rover Sport is indeed the most powerful SUV 4×4. Bridge crossing fording, slope, angle of attack and hunting … nothing can resist it!

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6, Review, Specs

But what interests me is above its dynamic performance. So here I am gone for two days on the road in the back country of Monaco in focus the famous Turini stage.

Tank and battery to the max, I start the machine to exit the car park. The atmosphere on board, very British, immediately sets the tone face German rivals. “We are not the same world” seems to whisper the passenger stretched leather. The Range begins to move without a sound. It is the electric motor takes over and propels the Range Rover Sport Hybrid without consuming a diesel tasted. To keep it in 100% electric mode, it is essential to be very gentle on the right pedal and do not exceed 48km / h over a distance of 1.6 km. Past these conditions, the diesel engine takes over imperceptibly.

Extremely well high in moderate use our Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6 with 340 nags and a gigantic torque, a lot of dust when blown. A pleasure accented by a growl that approximates a petrol engine in its revving. The 8-speed automatic transmission is a model of its kind, soft and delicate, or quick and incisive at will!

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6, Review, Specs

Storming the myth …

Two three tons on the scale and closer measurements of a truck with 4.85 meters long and 1.97 meters wide as a WRC, the Range is ready, here I am in front of the Turini stage that haunts last night pilot of Rally Monte Carlo. At the same time how not to be tormented by his 23km turns and 34 hairpins, all entered in the history of motor racing. A special that often ends in tears and pain.

Well, I’m not here for a time either. But after disposing of a nice machine city and highways despite a too firm comfort, although I must now take this road to test his athletic ability.

J’enclenche the central button ‘Sport’ mode. Management and controlled suspensions are strengthening immediately. The engine and gearbox change mapping to make the most of the cavalry.

Here we go …

Foot to the floor …. Our Range grumbling all his power by raising the counter hand quickly to a three-digit number. But the problem is that on this road, after a few meters made, there necessarily has a big corner pointing the tip of his nose. So you need to type fiercely on the pedal of the environment and send the machine in the curve.

And here we delight active suspensions that master to perfection roll. Yet they have much to do since the physical forces inexorably push you towards the outside of the turn which is just above the vacuum. Thrills guaranteed!

I arrive on the last climb. A series of almost 8 consecutive hairpins, that take us directly to the cervix to 1607 m altitude. In the spruce forest then appear patches of snow making ultra-slick and tricky. Fortunately our Range Sport copes easily with these conditions thanks to its excellent adhesion. Just arrived at the pass, we dive on the descent from the beginning, is very demanding. The pass is really a special moment, full of emotion. I have to calm my passions because the machine is only beginning to show signs of weakness. It’s already amazing to have resisted so long to a wide range of car.

Test Range Rover Sport Hybrid SDV6, Review, Specs

A nice surprise!

Although higher in moderate use, the Range Rover Sport SDV6 Hyrbrid works wonders when requesting it. The electric motor is not just there for the “zero emission” mode. It is also used in sporty driving. Torque 170Nm give even more force acceleration and recovery. The good news is that he has lost none of its amazing qualities in any field. To blame, I would so a slight doubt about the relatively firm overall comfort and actual consumption around 10 liters. Minimum addition of € 88,300, instead this version SDV6 Hybrid mid-range of the diesel range Range Rover Sport.
Score: 16/20

Well done:

  • – Look so British
  • – Performance
  • – A true Bruiser

A review:

  • – Elitist Price
  • – Too firm Comfort
  • – Low power autonomy