Test Audi A5 TDi 190 hp: Better everywhere!

Test Audi A5 TDi 190 hp: Better everywhere!

The first generation Audi A5 coupé (Cabriolet and Sportback excluded) is more than 300,000 copies sold in nearly 10 years. The new version intends to improve its services, relying on the qualities of the A4 with whom it shares its platform.

Exterior Style

When the Audi A5 appeared on our roads in 2007, for many observers it gathered the concentrate of the design house, that is to say rather simple, even bland. Few curves, and trapezoidal lights surrounding a banal single frame grille. The cutting of the windows did not bother with a drawing supposed to energize the profile or bring it a remarkable shape. But in hindsight, it must be recognized that because of this classic style, the A5 has rather aged well. From this point of view, it embodies both sides of the medal proper to the brand\’s stylistic philosophy.

Logically, the one that succeeds it does not change the approach that has attracted many, quite the contrary. And yet, it muscles in the image of its domed front hood and slightly more prominent hips, which significantly boosts its overall appearance. Add to that the full led lights to give it a futuristic look, and here it is left for 10 years.

Interior Style & Equipment

On board, there is logically the environment of the Audi A4 to the exemplary finish, with some peculiarities specific to the A5 on certain details. We are particularly well seated, quite low, what we like in this kind of dynamic coupe. In the back, this will surprise some, but the place does not appear as counted as one might think. Once placed on one of the two seats, the legroom is enough for a person with the template that we will call normal. Simply the biggest, say beyond the sixty-fifth, will have to pay attention to their heads. In addition, it will take some gymnastics to insert.

Test Audi A5 TDi 190 hp: Better everywhere!

The trunk, with more than 460 liters capacity, is large enough for passenger baggage. But it is especially at the level of technology that the A5 progresses the most. Virtual cockpit, Google Maps-assisted navigation screen, complete Internet connection, induction charger for smartphones, all the assistance of which semi-automatic driving and parking without user intervention are part of the endowment … Tick the right options.


Under the hood of our model, there is a 2.0 TDi of 190 horses, combined with a 7-speed S-Tronic automatic transmission. Note however that we did not have the Quattro transmission. We would like to be able to complain about this mechanics in terms of performances, but it turns out that Audi did not work badly.

First, power-hungry can select blocks with more consistent cavalry and / or more noble architecture. But as far as we are concerned, our 4-cylinder turbo, coupled and quiet gives us performances already very honorable, starting with a time of less than 8 seconds to reach 100 km / h and a top speed that is enough to make Lose his motorway license twice.

On the road

Without the all-wheel drive, the Audi are traction. And that makes driving rather easy and safe. The motricity can not be faulted, and even on the wet as the day of our test. One wonders well what more could have brought a Quattro in these conditions, given the comfort at the wheel of our configuration. The modes of conduct allow us to make life more playful, especially when the “Dynamic” is activated.

Test Audi A5 TDi 190 hp: Better everywhere!

The assistance of the management and its multiplication change with the speed, with the key to the pleasure on the small roads and an exacerbated reactivity. It does not really roll, and is rather well balanced with a well-contained understeer, just like body movements. Nevertheless, at a slow pace, the relative firmness of the chassis badly filters the roughness of a bad bitumen, as we were able to meet it on the Italian roads of our itinerary.

Price and conclusion

We remain on a cheaper range than that of the direct competitor Mercedes. However, this is an Audi, and by definition it does not mean cheap. Our well-equipped version surpassed the 50,000 euros, at least 5,000 more than the entry-level with this engine. Improving benefits and changing style smoothly will at least push current customers to renew, and maybe even conquer some who found that the former lacked flavor.

Photo credits: Audi (test)

More muscular design
Unbeatable interior
Homogeneity of the motor / box assembly
Comfort on bad roads
Non-touch screen

Audi A5 TDi 2.0 S-Tronic
Type and location 4 cylinders Diesel Turbo
Displacement (cm3) 1984
Power (kW / hp) 140/190 to 4200
Couple (Nm) 320 to 1450
Wheel drive Before
Gearbox S-Tronic 7-speed automatic
Front Suspension Multi-link
Rear Suspension Multi-link
Brakes Ventilated discs front / rear
Rims and tires 225/50 R17
Maximum speed (km / h) 240
0 to 100 km / h (s) 7.2
Urban cycle (l / 100 km) 7.3
Extra-urban cycle (l / 100 km) 4.7
Mixed cycle (l / 100 km) 5.7
CO2 (g / km) 130
Length (mm) 4673
Width (mm) 1846
Height (mm) 1371
Wheelbase (mm) 2764
Volume of luggage compartment (l) 460
Reservoir (1) 54
Unladen weight (kg) 1465

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