Tesla S P85D price, specs and Review

Tesla S P85D price, specs and Review

During the test of the Tesla S Performance, we headlined “revolution underway? “. With the Tesla S P85D, one is always in the same universe (that of a car without noise and CO2) but the latter offers décoiffantes performance. But one question remains unanswered: and the fun in that?

Tesla S P85D price

How much is Tesla S P85D price. The Tesla S P85D (D diesel? No, for Dual see below) we tested costs 130,590 euros.

Tesla S P85D price, specs and Review

At its base price of € 105,800 (6300 euro bonus included), the manufacturer has added a list of options that includes, for example, rims 21 inches (4800 euros), black new generation seats (2700 euros), the autopilot (2700 euros), interior and lighting Premium (3200 euros) or the rear-facing seats (in the trunk) to 3200 euros. They should not serve you much because after a few kilometers in the opposite direction of travel, you may have nausea.

The price plus the electricity refills on Tesla terminals, which is a significant gain. But one wonders how long it will stay free.

Tesla S P85D Review : Full power

For its P85D, Tesla establishes two electric motors (technology “Dual Motor”

hence the “D” in the name) that offer AWD sedan. If you leave the calculator and that adds the power (476 hp to 224 hp rear and front), we come to the tune of 700 horsepower. But what’s even more impressive is the torque of 930 Nm available immediately or 180 Nm more than a Porsche 911 Type 991 Turbo S PDK … So, it goes from 0 to 100 km / h in 3, 3 seconds or 3.0 seconds with the upgrade to the “Ludicrous Speed.” In the latter case, there is obtained the same time as the Porsche. Except that the latest model weighs 1605 kilos Stuttgart against 2239 kilos (official data). Against by the German tip 316 km / h while the American “caps” 250 …

The suite is less impressive because if one takes as a benchmark 0-200 km / h the game is clear: 16.2 against 9.9 seconds. (see comparison on Zeperfs.)

In terms of autonomy, Tesla announced 491 km (NEDC standard). Of course, when we use (abuse?) Of the acceleration power, autonomy soon fall, as when the controller is seated at a cruising speed along freeway. The embedded system can help you plan a trip and charging points that you need to do. If you have a supercharger, your waiting time will be significantly reduced. Otherwise, you will need to be patient.

Tesla S P85D price, specs and Review


Once installed on the Tesla, one is impressed by the dual 17-inch central display which includes almost all the information. Tactile and responsive as a tablet of the brand at Apple, it can control almost everything.However, it takes some time to adapt to not be distracted at the time, for example, to try to close the sunroof. The operation requires to navigate the menus and a simple button ceiling might as well do. This is a trend among many manufacturers want to put everything on the screen at the expense of ease of use.

The finish is very good and the space on board is generous. The trunk offers 750 liters and can reach 1792 liters with seats folded. And if you are full, you can always use the trunk of 84 liters board under the front hood.

Once installed, we discover that the Tesla S P85D offers a handling above all suspicion, although helped by the positioning of the batteries at ground level. The chassis is responsive and accurate, it does not roll and the air suspension (which can vary in height) offers an amazing ride comfort.

Tesla S P85D price, specs and Review

In addition, it is possible to “walk in” without any ulterior motive or concern with the Dual Motor System which allows the Tesla S to have AWD. But it is distinguished by its two engines, one of which is located at the front and one at the rear, which eliminates the need for complex mechanical linkages to distribute power from a single engine to all four wheels.

Tesla S P85D price, specs and Review

At this stage of the test, I chose to ask me and ask me if I would buy such a car. The answer is difficult to make for several reasons. The first is that I am passionate about a certain kind of cars. If the line is an important factor in my choice (and Tesla is rather successful, especially for the back), it is less than the engine that is a source of sensations. I had the opportunity to test a lot of cars and I must admit that those with a furious aspirated engine, with 5, 6, 8, 10 or 12 cylinders have often given me a source of pleasure that makes one car spring with undisguised smile. It is this culture and vision of the automobile as I try to pass on to my daughters.

I’m not saying that this is THE culture he MUST have. I say it is mine, you are free to share or not.

But when you take the wheel of the Tesla, it was in the hands a car that accelerates hard from the very Tesla S P85D price, specs and Reviewstart that drive perfectly and perfectly holds the road (thank you to batteries located close to the ground). But I’m missing something. One thing that vibrates with rods and pistons and sings his joy through an exhaust released. This stuff makes you want in a tunnel, slamming a report and make it sing. I was raised to engine school and it is difficult to discard.

However, I understand the ecological issues and I am ready to make efforts, to roll every day Renault Zoe 15 000 for urban and business trips without any interest in terms of conduct. But to live my passion, I can not get used to the idea of not hearing an engine, especially if I have to invest 130,000 euros in a car. Modern F1 saddens me on this subject (see Article Monaco).

By cons, it is likely that in a few years I will pass for an old completely “has been” driving my car because the new generation may have been rocked by electric motors and will not include (or more) that still wants to ride unleaded. It may be that it will be right. But obviously, for the mine glad my daughters by taking our convertible and 6 online singing, they may follow the (wrong?) Way that their father has passed on to them. Who knows.


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